Sunday, August 31, 2014

s'il vous plait

Rick Steves (in today's chronny) admits to being about the only travel
guy who can't speak the languages.  Trying to learn French was the worst
month of his life because the four ways they pronounce "un" broke his
spirit. But he says that just by using the simplest of French pleasantries
insures that he gets fine treatment everywhere. I must admit that by doing
my Duolingo everyday I've been helped me a bit and now when I go back
to be retested I can find the chemise rouge et chat blanc without even a pause.
I guess what bothers me the most, however, is how the "s" isn't usually
spoken at the end of a word, unless it is and who knows. Au revoir and smile.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

haunting, surprising...

We streamed The Silence last Thursday night and I'm still thinking about
this Swedish film because it's so unusual. Yes, it's a mystery and not easy
to watch, but there are some subtle and strange occurrences that make
one wonder about human nature, time, evil deeds, etc. It seems like The
Flix® has about 4,000 new movies and TV shows from around the
world lately - such a treat. As a result, interestingly enough, when Husbando
called to do his yearly battle with Comcast, it turns out that they are
cutting our monthly rate and also adding HBO, Showtime, etc. Amazing.
I guess traditional TV is running scared, as well they should be.

Friday, August 29, 2014

front row seats (again)

We had a fabulous time yesterday - celebrating Ginger's and our
Giants' WIN. The weather could not have been better, quite warm with a
gentle sea breeze every 45 minutes or so to cool us down. Husbando met
us for lunch at the Primo Patio (it's a tradition) and he picked up the check
as we rushed over to the Jewel. So this year I'm four wins and one loss when
I attend a game. Not bad at all. Bochy smiles when he knows I'm in the audience.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

a trip to Rio

I'm always amazed when a video actually works on the blog! So enjoy...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Floyd enjoys a run

A treadmill for dogs? This would have benefited our Irish Setter back in
the day. Jean is giving treats to Floyd while the machine is off, then she
gradually increases the speed until he's running along with his tongue
hanging out and his glazed eyes picturing green grass or beach sand.
After the run it is so much easier to train these hyper dogs and of course
they all love leaving their rooms for a change of scenery.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

meet Patch Adams

He is the sweetest big dog in the world. A recent SPCA import from
Stockton, still getting medicines to make sure he is 100% healthy
before adoption. He came in last week and looks much better now
after a shampoo and cut. As I've mentioned before, we don't have a
stray dog problem here in the city, so we can help out the towns in
California where people feel it's OK to just move on, leaving their
animals as they might an old sofa, out on the lawns and roads in
the country. Does this piss me off?

Monday, August 25, 2014

such a BIG cast...

...for this small theater company! Yesterday we thoroughly enjoyed Into
the Woods presented exuberantly by the SF Playhouse on Post Street. It's
a long, song-filled production (3 hours) and there is a lot of great humor
and I really don't think the creators (Lapine and Sondheim) missed one
fairy tale. Of course the outcomes were all different, but that's probably
a good thing. I like when Little Red Riding Hood was wearing a new
wolf's fur coat cape, made by her grandma. Tee hee.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

ooooops, we forgot

This one was centered in American Canyon and we didn't feel it here,
although other SF residents did. Our friend Chef Sarah emailed from
out in her car (charging batteries) that she had two broken windows
and other mess in her home in Napa. It's easy to forget that we live
in Earthquake Country and it's always Earthquake Weather, whatever
that is. We don't think anyone was seriously hurt, thankfully. It was
a 6.1 and that is pretty strong.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


The Lucky Couple

This warm spring weather made us lazy
Sitting side by side on a park bench
With eyes closed and the sunlight on our faces,
Long after we should've been back in the office,
Listening to children in the playground
And some bird chirping over our heads.
One of us ought to have had the sense
To peek at their watch and with a cry
Drag the other one away by the arm.
My excuse is, I have a beautiful woman
With me incapable of lifting a finger to save us
From being sacked upon our return.
For now, with our legs stretched out
And our arms folded, we are content.
The people hurrying by must think,
How lucky these two must be without
A care in the world unlike that bunch
Looking grim as they exit the courthouse.

Charles Simic

A Public Space
Issue 21 - 20

Friday, August 22, 2014

a prompt by any name

I'm a Round Robin sub this week again - here is what we are supposed to
write about for 10 or 12 minutes today. I'm guessing it's one of Jane's
photos, seen through some sort of dirty window or special lens. I find these
vague arty things exceedingly difficult to write to or about, but every once
in awhile my head and fingers produce something not too bad. But today,
I don't think so...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

it sounds vegetarian...

...but it's not. I had a yummy bacon (!) and turkey sandwich at Cassava
(36th Ave. and Balboa) yesterday. It was too cold to sit outside, but it
was very pleasant inside and I'm happy to be discovering "The Avenues"
after living here in SF for so long. A good latte too!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

g.dots in Israel

Samantha and Lindsay
Rob's daughters are taking advantage of the Birthright (I think that's the
name of it) program wherein Jewish and partly-Jewish young people
get free trips to Israel. Of course their mother didn't want them to go,
what with the bombings and unrest, and naturally they are just fine
and having the time of their lives. The Great Plotnik's son also went
to Israel this summer on a freebie ~ who would not? It is my guess
(as a goy) that this strengthens the feeling of being Jewish and I'm
sure some young 'uns will move their permanently after this experience.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

it's all mirrors

Tim's Vermeer is a fascinating documentary telling us how (perhaps)
Dutch master Johannes Vermeer painted so realistically 150 years
ago. David Hockney wrote a book about this subject because that
was the age of telescopes and magnifying glass. But there are no
records, no proof. Now we see Tim Jenison (an inventor, not an artist)
recreate one of Vermeer's masterpieces and it is fascinating. Maybe
Tim isn't an artist, but he sure has a steady hand.

Monday, August 18, 2014

a trip to the Jewseum

We had a very pleasant time at the Contermporary Jewish Museum yesterday.
There were four REAL women playing Mah Jongg in the center of that show
and some delightful photos, art and actual Mah Jongg sets on display. I
especially enjoyed that exhibit. Designing Home upstairs wasn't my
of 1950's cup of tea, but people who appreciate architecture and home
decor would certainly enjoy it the many pictures and actual pieces of
stark and bland furniture from the past. The Wise Bros. deli was busy!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

foodies, down to the marrow

Husbando and I hit the SF Street Food Festival on Folsom Street yesterday.
We had some guacamole, a burger and then roasted bone marrow, still
inside the bone. We were not hungry when we arrived, but then...
This one day event has expanded over the years from maybe 10 small nabe
restaurants to 30 plus from all over. It is well organized, six blocks long
and will be moving next year, we understand, due to growth. But we like
walking here from Casa Verde, of course we don't have to give up any
parking or have our lives blocked the way the Folsom Street residents do.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

mystery time

I saw The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair advertised in the New Yorker
and I needed a murder to make me feel better this week. It's on my LindaKindle2
and it is pretty good, not great. I do want to know who killed the 15 year old girl,
however, so I will finish the book. I also like small town mysteries and this
fulfills that need. I normally prefer women mystery writers and have not changed
my mind as I read Mr. Dicker's words and Mr. Quebert's deeds.

Friday, August 15, 2014

a ruby in the rough

I just received this delightful photo from Tanya! Here is Ruby being a dirt
angel in San Diego. A very nice way to start my day, and yours too, I betcha.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

lunch for four

We celebrated the Great Ducknik's here at the Holy Kitchen on 24th
Street in Noe Valley. Your two favorite bloggers were too busy eating all
that Indian food to even snap one photo, so I had to rely on a stock pic for
today's post. This restaurant has the freshest and tastiest Indian food that we
have had in a long time, since our last vitit here, actually.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ooooooh, power struggle

We just finished the first season of The Politician's Husband with David
Tennant and Emily Watson. Love streaming things on The Flix® and
of course BBC does such a great job of taking us right into the homes
and offices in London. Everyone has a view of the Thames - as it should be.
Yes, recommended by the blogger and her husbando.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

so sad, too soon

Robin Williams loved San Francisco and used to say it was the only
city where he didn't feel like an oddity. Giants' fan, good Borders
customer when I worked there. As you all know, he died yesterday
at age 63, and there is much sorrow world-wide. After the healing
begins I will rent some of his best movies: Good Will Hunting,
Vietnam, Dead Poets' Society. Now rest, Robin, you deserve it...

Monday, August 11, 2014

black is the new pastel

We have new neighbors and this is the dismal color they painted their
home. Then when I was at Jane's for Tiapos last time, she pointed out
a house across the street from them that her Jack had painted and it
was this same very dark grey with black trim. She told me it is "in" and
since then I've noticed far too many black homes amongst the traditional
white, beige, pastel and occasional brightly colored houses that just
look and feel like Frisco. I don't want to be one of those who drag my
feet about change, but really, this is no fun to look at every morning
when I open the blinds and let the day in.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

another museum for Paris

Frank Gehry's new Foundation Louis Vuiton opens a few days after we
leave Paris, but that's a good excuse for a return trip. It will be one of
the few private museums there, out on the Bois de Boulogne. Gehry is
85 now and still pushing his creative genius.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

this morning

...and every morning lately. We are in our fog pattern currently, but this will
burn off by 10am or so. I think this is the first summer that I haven't resented
our vichyssoise weather weirdness. Maybe I'm finally accepting the fact
that summer in the city is cold, foggy and wintry. I mean we've only lived
in SF for 40 or so years. Now I'll check and see what I'd be wearing in
Paris today. I'm guessing black pants, black top, grey puffy vest and a scarf.

Friday, August 08, 2014

with thanks to Word A Day

Your lazy blogger found this particularly interesting...


Philadelphia lawyer

((fil-uh-DEL-fee-uh LOI-yuhr)

noun: A shrewd lawyer, one who is adept at exploiting legal technicalities.

The term is said to have been inspired by Philadelphia-based Andrew 
Hamilton's successful defense of the New York printer John Peter 
Zenger from libel charges. This decision helped establish the idea
that truth is a defense in a libel accusation and affirmed the freedom 
of the press in America. Though the incident took place in 1735, 
the earliest documented use unearthed so far is from 1788.

"Then Willie Lee nailed me those many years ago. With a woman's 
way she said to Bob, 'Bob, this man's been here three days and he's 
complimented my cooking more than you have in thirty years of marriage.'
"A death pall lay over the burdened table. Willie Lee had pierced both 
of us with two horns of the same bull. I gulped and floundered --
helpless to assist my wounded friend -- but Bob never missed a
 spoonful as he said, 'I've been too busy eatin'.'

"No Philadelphia lawyer ever saved (himself and) the condemned 
with so few words, so coolly and ably stated. I was in Bob's debt 
and learned that moment to keep my compliments to a peck and not a bushel."
Bill Tarrant; Hunting the Russian Boar; Field & Stream (Los Angeles); Apr 1998.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

I'm a Round Robin this week


I did it. I left my iPhone at home and made it through the entire day without
panic or despondency yesterday. It was purely accidental, but by the time
the situation presented itself to me I was too far from home to turn around
and go back. The little electronic wonder rested on our bed all day
Wednesday and was none the worse for wear. My husband said that
it called out to him often during the day, but there was nothing he could
do because I had Ken, our sad old Toyota, and bus trips to the Legion
of Honor are very difficult.

Who would think that I have somehow turned into this iPhone addict? I
used to make fun of people like me. You know the clumps of folks at
bus stops, all staring into their silly phones. People who pat their pockets,
frantically searching inside their purses and backpacks for their phones.

But alas, I have. My phone is an extension of me and I now need it to
feel complete. Maybe I can leave the little monster for an hour or so
when I'm down here in my office on my computer, but that's about
the limit for me. Until yesterday. And what did I miss when I came home
to obsessively check the screen? Absolutely nothing. All clear.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

the 4th and final

Netflix produced this episode and it is the best. The first one was also great,
but Season 2 and 3 seemed to lack the spark and this complicated non-
romantic relationship of the partners (Linden and Holder) who are both such
damaged souls, is intense here at the end. The Killing can be hard to watch
and not exactly sleep inducing - worse than baseball. Anyway, tonight we
wrap it up and as difficult as it can be to experience, we will miss this show.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

the white board

Yesterday I took my little cheapo radio to the SPCA and listened to a very early
Giants game while I played chef. This white board is recent - in the Annex where
they place new dogs imported from Stockton, Merced, etc. So much more
rewarding than on a computer, don't you think? They check out les chiens to
make sure they are healthy and ready to interact with humans and other dogs
before they put them on the main sales floor (also known as Maddie's).
The Giants won and it was a very rewarding Monday, all in all...

Monday, August 04, 2014

one of the work perks

I get comped at our neighbor the California Academy of Sciences and that is
a blessing since the tix are so expensive (like $35 each!). Yesterday I worked
at the deYoung until 1:30 when Husbando met me and we so enjoyed the small
and wondrous wildlife photo exhibit across the way. It's a little space of
sanity inside the Academy which is filled with families and noise. But we
were both delighted to see these glorious pictures (and then to leave).

Sunday, August 03, 2014

new daily habits

I now Google Paris Weather every morning and here we have today.
Parfait, no?

My Duolingo language lessons slog along, but I do work daily and
have found on the microphone part that if I'm eating breakfast and do
not enunciate too clearly, that I get a thumbs up on the first try.

Yesterday I bought a new pair of black pants (40% off) and my all-
black travel wardrobe (with a few colorful scarves) will be complete.
I do need new black comfy walking shoes. New Balance?

I guess I need an umbrella for the trip, other areas of the world have
actual rain ~ unlike poor, dry SF.
Paris, France
Sunday 3:00 PM
4 PM
7 PM
10 PM
1 AM
4 AM
7 AM
10 AM
1 PM
4 PM
7 PM
10 PM
1 AM
4 AM
7 AM
10 AM
1 PM
4 PM
7 PM
10 PM
1 AM
4 AM
7 AM
10 AM
1 PM
4 PM
7 PM
10 PM
1 AM
4 AM
7 AM
10 AM
1 PM
4 PM
7 PM
10 PM
1 AM
4 AM
7 AM
10 AM
1 PM
4 PM
7 PM
10 PM
1 AM
4 AM
7 AM
10 AM
1 PM
4 PM
7 PM
10 PM
1 AM
4 AM
7 AM
10 AM
1 PM
4 PM
7 PM
10 PM
1 AM
4 AM
7 AM
10 AM
1 PM
4 PM
7 PM
10 PM
1 AM
4 AM
7 AM
10 AM
1 PM
4 PM
7 PM
10 PM
Chance of Rain
Chance of Rain
Chance of Storm
Mostly Cloudy
Mostly Cloudy
Chance of Storm

Saturday, August 02, 2014

a new batch

My anonymous guest blogger sent me this photo to keep you amused and/or
irritated. I don't recommend that you try this at your own home...

Friday, August 01, 2014

practice, practice (again)

I need to be using the iPad more for this blog because I will use it
exclusively in Paris - well, some constant iPhone reading and tapping
too, of course. I am delighted that Dancing Jen is as addicted to 
her electronics as I am, by the way. So, to that end, here are some
photos from Tiapos last night. Missing: Doug, Chef Sarah and Linda.