Monday, August 21, 2017

busy, lazy Sunday


Joan (Hoan)


There was time to doze a bit after my long walk with Joan and her dog
(Chihuahua) Happy around the bird reserve in Santa Barbara. Then
lunch on Joan's back deck in Montecito and I walked a bit more in
Carpinteria before dinner with Marsha at the Sama Sama an Indonesian
spot on State Street in SB. Man, this has changed a lot since my last
visit. Lots of empty stores, new stores and tons of students as school
(UCSB) has started. Still beautiful, but different. Like life...

Sunday, August 20, 2017

my day in carp


the Carpinteria beach scene

Pam drove up from Whittier and we had a delicious breakfast at Esau's on
Linden Avenue. We had a lot of catch-up to do. Then I walked and read
my book and magazines and stared into the ocean. It was not too warm,
perfect weather actually. I had dinner outside at the Nugget on Carpinteria
Avenue and thoroughly enjoyed my day of happy nostalgia. I needed this.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

fog (!) this morning

I'm out on my balcony here at the Best Western ~ already on my 2nd cup
of coffee. Above you see Marsha and her two dogs (Duca and Rosa)
and they are something. Marsha drove all day and she is down at the
Motel 6 with los animales. We had a great dinner (black cod) on the
porch of Zookers Carpinteria. Off to breakfast soon with Pam, my
friend who lives in Whittier.

Friday, August 18, 2017

heading south

By now you must know that I don't care much for small towns but an
exception must be made for Carpinteria, just south of Santa Barbara.
While the rest of the world heads north to Idaho or Montana to see
the eclipse, I will spend the weekend here. I'm driving with Marsha
and her two dogs and will write you tomorrow between walks and
lattes and friend visits.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

this tasty website

Our friend and fellow writer is one of the chefs featured on Simple Feast.
There she is, Sarah Scott, right in with Jacques Pepin, Deborah Madison
and other luminaries. The recipes are unusual and intriguing. At some
point there will probably be a charge for this website, so I urge you to
check it out now while it is still free.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

the Tartine event

Last night we celebrated Barb's birthday and ate waaaaaaay too much
great food and had a glorious time at Tartine Manufactory. Yum and
check out the clean plate club.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

mini SF travel blog


The Mission

Last Sunday after lunch Dancing Jen and I were walking in Chinatown and god,
I do love that place. Even with wall-to-wall tourists this is such a wonderful
foreign land. The shop windows show items that we used to sell at the museum
stores, but for about one third of the price. There are smells of fish and noodles
and spices that I can’t identify.

When I worked at Borders (Post and Powell) I would walk in Chinatown about
once a week. I like being places where people don’t speak English. I feel the
same way about my Mission District and although it is gentrifying I can still
walk for many blocks and hear only Spanish. And here one smells that distinct
sizzling beef odor, mixed with onions and garlic ~ all ready to plop into a burrito. 

On Sundays in the Mission the Latino families go out to eat. Maybe after church?
They dress, especially the little girls with their sparkle shoes and fluffy dresses.
Bows in their hair. I can feel their excitement as they go into restaurants that are
practically empty during the week. Even the smallest restaurant that I never pay

any attention to is jam packed on Sunday. Happiness abounds.