Sunday, January 22, 2017

funny it was a cold rain...

SF City Hall turns pink 

Linda and Mary Ann ~ drenched

there were people inside the buildings waving and dancing

...and yet I felt so warm. It's been too long since I experienced this kind of hope
and love for my fellow human beings. Thanks to Linda for the Introvert sign
and for meeting me inside/outside the Library. I was so happy to see her although
I was just enjoying myself standing alone amongst all these colorful, creative
and kind people. Even my trip on the normally horrid #49 Van Ness going
to the march was filled with special gentle vibes and humor. I wanted this to
be a GREAT post, I wanted to express my love and gratitude for all the
people who rallied across the world. To the organizers, the stars, the tired
parents and children and we old folks who have marched before. Another
sign I liked on a grey headed marcher, "I can't believe we're still going
through this shit." Well, it worked against the war in Vietnam and for our
Women's Rights and we will continue to work and protest. I swear we will.
(So nice to wake up this morning and read Facebook, wasn't it?)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

888 Brannan Street

Bellota (Spanish for acorn) Restaurant
We tried to pretend that it was a normal day, that this new Monster had not
become President yesterday morning. Husbando had read about Bellota, a
new Spanish restaurant with outstanding paella so we took a Lyft to Brannan
Street and met Ginger who had made the mistake of watching the circus
in D.C. and so we tried to cheer her up with good food and wonderful,
warm service. Yes, we had a GREAT lunch, but it was also interesting to
see that outside the back door of the restaurant is a huge incubator space,
maybe four stories high. When did this happen? It appears that it is owned
by AirBnB, but I'm not sure about this. Anyway, lots and lots of young
people with their computers. Who knew? Check it out...

Friday, January 20, 2017

friends from forever

Sam and Olga are here visiting from Albuquerque. Their timing is perfect.
We did a little sightseeing yesterday and then had a delicious dinner last
night at Sam's Grill on Bush Street. Lots of catch-up and news. The fact
that they LOVE our SF helps a lot and they stay down at Fish Wharf so
they can walk along the Bay a lot and often. And no rain yesterday helped.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

spiders in the rain

the #33 Muni carries me to school safely

Umbrellas and raincoats all day. But warm inside Fromm where the morning
lecture was by Lauren Esposito from the California Academy of Sciences.
She loves spiders and scorpions and they are amazing, especially how they
mate and the fact that some of their venom benefits our medical world
including various drugs for assorted diseases.

We spent the afternoon at the Dunkirk Evacuation (defeat) in 1939. Dr. Large
wove the French vs. English problems from then right up to the Brexit
vote last year. Call it distrust on both sides of the channel ~ even today.

Then last night was our writing group ~ Tiapos in the rain, over at the Great
Plotniks with special guest Randy from NYC. He wrote about his new life
there and how he is changing and fitting in. We all miss him so much.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

le lunch @ la note

Off to Berkeley (via BART) yesterday after dog feeding. We are all
ex-museum retail workers celebrating the EX part over a very fine
lunch at La Note on Shattuck. They serve great omelets if you ever
happen to go there, but we used up all the gossip. Sorry...

Monday, January 16, 2017

'tis a puzzle

It's been YEARS since I did a jigsaw puzzle, but this one has tempted me.
1000 pieces. Since the last time I did one of these the pieces have grown
smaller and my back is barking and yes, I am obsessed. I'll show you the
finished product in May or so...