Sunday, March 29, 2015

best film 2014

We both really, really appreciated this unusual BIRDMAN movie - a
bit of a surprise to me. I had read somewhere that young people like
this more than we more experienced (ahem) movie fans. Michael
Keaton is superb, or perhaps it's because of the many references to
Raymond Carver, a particular favorite poet and story writer of ours.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

modern day sheds

Every Saturday I submit five pages (well, 4.3 or so) of my Ellen novel
to my two partners, Anna and Joanne. This week we made a fictional trip to
a storage unit where Seth's stuff is stored. I need to go to a facility near here
for some work on this scene, but that can wait until the 2nd or 3rd draft.
Anyway, back in the 80's Husbando and I had a storage unit and mostly what
I recall is the huge relief when we closed the door there for the final time.
Then I think it was $35 a month or so - I need to know what it costs today.
My writing teacher, Karen, said that Martin Cruz Smith wrote the fabulous
Gorky Park (1981) without ever going to Russia. Remember, that was before
Google or the internet or Wikipedia! I admire writers who do research.

Friday, March 27, 2015

back to Dublin

When I had lunch with Frances on Tuesday, she loaned us this 5th Season
of Love/Hate and now we are back in the world of drugs, gangs and the
whole underbelly of Dublin (Ireland, not California). Interesting use of
American music from time to time, as well as our fashions, guns, etc.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

poetic adoration

The Beautiful Librarians

The beautiful librarians are dead,
The fairly recent graduates who sat
Like Fran├žoise Hardy's shampooed sisters
With cardigans across their shoulders
On quiet evenings at the issue desk,
Stamping books and never looking up
At where I stood in adoration.

Once I glimpsed the staffroom
Where they smoked and (if the novels
Were correct) would speak of men.
I still see the blue Minis they would drive
Back to their flats around the park,
To Blossom Dearie and red wine
Left over from a party I would never

Be a member of. Their rooms looked down
On dimming avenues of lime.
I shared the geography but not the world
It seemed they were establishing
With such unfussy self-possession, nor
The novels they were writing secretly
That somehow turned to 'Mum's old stuff'.

Never to even brush in passing
Yet nonetheless keep faith with them,
The ice-queens in their realms of gold—
It passes time that passes anyway.
Book after book I kept my word
Elsewhere, long after they were gone
And all the brilliant stock was sold.

Sean O'Brien

The Beautiful Librarians

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

more on Korean canines

Dancing Jen was kind enough to send me a photo of a Korean dog she
met last weekend in Sunnyvale. He/she was adopted a couple of weeks
ago and seems to be adjusting very nicely and this gives me great
hope for our quarantined assortment of hounds. I'll update you next Monday.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

imported from South Korea

meet Masha
I didn't want to cause an international incident yesterday, so I just snapped
this one photo of a new dog. This is a big and difficult adjustment for them and
so far they haven't even been walked - they have never been on leashes before.
The national SPCA group managed to shut down (buy out?) one of the "meat
farms" in South Korea and many shelters across America are receiving
these canines. They don't bark, early training I suppose. I understand that
most of them are about 35 lbs. each, looking much like Masha. They (20 or
so?) have been here a week and already folks want to adopt them, but it
will take some time and they are still quarantined. Stay tuned...

Monday, March 23, 2015

customers as art

I love when young girls dress up for a trip to the museum. These two
bought their outfits in Japan and were as nice and friendly as could
be. They said that a lot of people ask to take their photos and the one
on our right features famous artwork. Lots of wonderful detail and
thank goodness I carry my iPhone illegally when I work. One never
knows when blog material will appear!