Sunday, December 09, 2018

weekends are for walking

more than 30 designers and craft makers at Heath

trees turning into gold

I have nothing and a lot on my mind these days. I grieve, I walk, I think.
Yesterday I decided to head up Bryant Street to 18th to the bank. No
big deal, just a nice long trek. Along the way I discovered a rip-roaring
Make Good Market at Heath Ceramics and I bought a couple of small gifts.
Then I was given this big gift of Ginko trees in the sunshine as I
headed back home. I welled up at the beauty and the sorrow that I could
not share this with Husbando. "Take a photo," he would say. I did.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

six years in four months

I didn't exactly binge, but I started watching The Americans shortly after
Husbando died. I felt like I knew this Russian spy couple (married in real
life) as I watched their two children grow into Americans. Last night was
a terrific and realistic ending, in my opinion. There was too much violence
and some wonderful details like the time Philip took up EST and then the
country music line dancing. Now that the series is over for me I am free
to noodle around again on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Friday, December 07, 2018

home again, home again

Fine trip to Santa Barbara, lovely to be home again. Drove for six solid
hours yesterday and today my knees are barking as I sit in front of the
fire and do some writing. It's a cool, clear day in my city.

I never re-read books but I am now. It was my turn to nominate a fave
for the January Book Club so I selected Motherless Brooklyn which I
adore. God, I had forgotten so much. What a wonderful mystery novel
this is. And soon it will be a movie ~ Edward Norton will play Lionel,
I think, our hero detective with Tourette's Syndrome. Word lovers celebrate.

Thursday, December 06, 2018

rainy movie day

Green Book is a very satisfying movie based on the true story of musician
Don Shirley who toured the deep south with his trio one year and hired a tough
Italian to drive him. Of course they become friends, but these were the 50's
and racism was even uglier and more obvious back then. Leaving for home
this morning, after the hot tub and strong coffee.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

my morning

After a lovely hot tub in the rain, we are watching the Bush funeral
with Ginger's two dogs and strong coffee. Yesterday I met a new
friend, John, in Carpinteria and we had seared tuna at Teddy's for
dinner after a beach walk and yet more coffee. I'm glad to be here
and our cat sitter sends photos and videos of Herself. I call this
my second home and it is...

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

it's been awhile

I used to make this trip to Santa Barbara two or three times a year, but
not lately. So I decided to stop half way and spend the night in King City.
Annabelle's cat sitter next door took the beautiful photo of her and I
snapped the King City monument right before my dinner at Denny's.
It will be good to see my friends again, but it is still strange to travel
and not check in with Husbando, but maybe I still do?

Monday, December 03, 2018

a spoonful of sugar

I wasn't really looking forward to Mary Poppins at the SF Playhouse
yesterday, but after reading the Great Plotnik's review linked over there
on the right under SF Theatre Blog, I felt better about the whole thing. I
met the equally reluctant Neti and we had a glorious time and I do so
recommend this for adults and children. The sets and costumes are
amazing as is the music and dancing. There is plenty in here for we
grown-ups to appreciate, that's for sure. It was a very good Sunday.