Thursday, July 24, 2014

how could I have forgotten?

The Blogmaid taught me that "it always goes back to cats" and this week is
no exception. Here are a couple of matching kitties at the SPCA, I snapped
the photo on Monday, but got carried away with the inessentials of life -
you know - work, reading, movies, food, dentist, etc. Everyone knows that
two cats are waaaaaaaay better than one, same with dogs, I think. I'll
skip the children thing as I don't know jack about that...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

fluff and nonsense

The Grand Budapest Hotel is out on DVD and although it is
enjoyable, it isn't great comedy if one likes Jon Stewart, Seinfeld,
John Oliver and Larry David. But we did chuckle once or twice
and it kept us from thinking about Malaysia Airlines, Israel, etc.
Tonight we go back to Season Two of Orphan Black. Heaven.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

oh, it's for the young 'uns?

The Fault in our Stars is on my LindaKindle2 and I am really
engrossed. I didn't realize that John Green wrote it for the Young
Adult market until this morning, but do not let this discourage
you. Teens with cancer, sounds horrid, but this is written with
humor and even joy. It is a movie now, but we won't be seeing
it for quite awhile, knowing our movie history.

Monday, July 21, 2014

a walk in the park

Husbando dropped me off at GGPark yesterday morning because the Aids Walk
always makes parking impossible. So after my short (and tedious) four hour
shift I walked through the park to catch the #33 home. They raised $2 million
here yesterday and so, of course, all the inconvenience is worth it. Note the
grey skies and all the colorful people.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Carlini Day

Desi on her elegant paper bag

lunch outside at 1515 on North Main Street
We'll ignore my little faus pax (French) and just concentrate on the fact
that we had a really nice day with our old friend Rich in Walnut Creek
yesterday. He picked us up (belatedly) at the BART station and we
visited his lovely apartment and renewed our acquaintance with his
kitty Desi who has traveled all over the USA with this Wandering
Italian. We hope they are settled here FOREVER and we laughed
and talked and reminisced - perfect warm weather too. Welcome home,
Rev. Richard Alan!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

three more by Neti

Fanny cat and me - waaaaaaaay back in the day

les fleures

woman in the sun room
The Fevered Brain remembers that first Neti painting which now hangs
in our dining room. Despite the tiresome subject matter, I do so love
this piece. We have two others by Neti, both now hanging in our living room.
Neti is simply one of our very favorite artists - sort of Matisse-like, no?

Friday, July 18, 2014

the butterfly, the noodles

1974 - Judy Chicago in Oakland

Shan Dong on 10th Street
Yesterday we met Ginger at the Oakland Museum to see the video of
"A Butterfly for Oakland" by Judy Chicago, one of our favorite feminist
artists. We stopped in the store so I could see my ex-boss, Mike, and
he recommended Shan Dong for lunch. Homemade noodles and
dumplings and truly one of the best Chinese restaurants that we have
ever been to. And cheap, cash only!