Wednesday, July 30, 2014

summer outside the city

RR is having a horse and friend-filled summer. Glorious photo, thank
you Blogmaid...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

so far, so good

I tried a sample of Casebook on my LindaKindle2 and I like it very
much. Mona Simpson is one of my favorite authors and you might
remember that she is the sister of Steve Jobs...both adopted out to
different families at an early age. She is one hell of a writer...

Monday, July 28, 2014

one charming film

The Lunchbox - the Mumbai lunchbox delivery service erroneously
delivers a young housewife's meal to a lonely widower and they
start exchanging notes. Since her husband doesn't give her the time
of day, nor appreciate her culinary skills, these two establish a
fantasy relationship and really, the movie is totally delightful.
(From your friends at Flix® and well worth renting.)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

North Beach on Saturday

Soto Mare

Good grief, that whole area was packed yesterday afternoon. We usually go
during the week and not during tourist season (which is always now, it seems)
so we were surprised to see all the restaurants full at 4pm! Thankfully we
could take the #12 Folsom to/fro, so that made life so much easier. I forgot
to snap the steamed mussel photo until we were half way through, suffice it
to say, they were fabulous. Home in time to see the Dodgers win. Sigh.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

it's been too long...

...since we heard from Mary in Bisbee. Here, from a recent email:

This morning after gym, I stopped by the coffee shop downtown and
spent some time talking with the old guys that I fondly think of as the 
Old Bull Shitters Club.  We discussed all the recent horror and sadness
in the world at length; and then decided we needed a little bit of news 
closer to home  - and so  one of the men read us the Bisbee Police Beat
report for the week.
For your information and edification - small town mountain news:
     There were the usual dogs running wild, skunks under houses, loud 

drunks in front of St. Elmos, javalinas trapped in yards, rattlesnakes 
behind computers, feral cat attacks, children throwing rocks, and then these bits:
 - A man called from Van Dyke Street stating he brought a woman with 

him back from Tucson, doesn't know her name or whereabouts, but 
knows that she owes him money.
- A person reported that a man was sitting on the recycle bins on Mason

Addition Road, then fell in and hit his head, causing bleeding on his face.
- A male subject, looking all beat up, loaded his backpack up with beer at 

Safeway and left the store.
- A subject on Barnett Road, upset over the gas company starting work 

early, brandished a weapon, then went back inside.
- A man wanted to file a complaint because he couldn't get his girlfriend out of his head.
And finally -
-  A caller on Spring Canyon stated he couldn't find his way out of Bisbee.
Hope you have a very fine weekend.
And now - for work in the dirt.

Friday, July 25, 2014

the Turkish Slave

Schiava Turca was painted in 1532 and will be on view starting
tomorrow at the Legion of Honor. I'm not enraptured by this kind
of art, but I'll read up on all the many theories surrounding the
artist (Francesco Mazzola, aka Parmigianino) and just the fact that
this piece hasn't ever been out of its home museum in Parma, makes it
special to a certain group of museum goers.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

how could I have forgotten?

The Blogmaid taught me that "it always goes back to cats" and this week is
no exception. Here are a couple of matching kitties at the SPCA, I snapped
the photo on Monday, but got carried away with the inessentials of life -
you know - work, reading, movies, food, dentist, etc. Everyone knows that
two cats are waaaaaaaay better than one, same with dogs, I think. I'll
skip the children thing as I don't know jack about that...