Tuesday, September 30, 2014

bon voyage celebration

Joe and Pamela at his place

delicious lunch at Absinthe

The museum has given me some wonderful friends and here are two
very special ones. We had a delightful time gossiping and laughing
and planning our trip yesterday. Joe lives in the Hayes Valley and
we met and admired his place, then walked to/fro a delicious lunch,
stopping for French macaroons and coffee after lunch. Glorious.

Monday, September 29, 2014

metaphorically speaking


The repairman arrives at night to fix
the telephone wires fried by lightning.
He unscrews a metal box encasing a joint,
and a tangle of colored cords spills out
like a half-remembered dream. It works,
he says. But it will never be the same.
I stand in the road and watch him
drive into the gray dawn, his palm
held open out the window.

Polly Buckingham

The Threepenny Review
Fall 2014

Sunday, September 28, 2014

what am I reading?

Thanks to the truly Great Plotniks for recommending Americanah, a
beautifully written novel that takes place in Nigeria and America (so
far). Ms. Adichie writes so clearly that I'm immediately transported
to another world on my ready-to-travel LindaKindle2.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

OK, time to binge again

When Dad becomes a woman. Last night we watched two extraordinary
episodes of Transparent and enjoyed the show immensely. It's so current
and so very L.A. (in a good way) and I highly recommend it. Free to
all of us Amazon Primers. Dad has three children, an ex-wife and lots
of challenges along the way as he comes out to the world.

Friday, September 26, 2014

taking Paris by storm

I spent a wonderfully productive yesterday with all the clippings, emails,
reminders, don't miss!, notes scribbled on bookmarks and napkins and
always the map of Paris. A great day. I downloaded Google Translate on
both my iPhone and iPad and used The Fevered Brain's metro website
successfully. Even though we could manage without this prep work, I
just felt better making notes and getting acclimated again to Paris. I also
have our Paris diary from 1986, s-w-e-e-t. And yes, I guess I do think like a blogger...

(The Giants clinched a wild card spot, despite the way they have been
playing lately. Weirdness, but still exciting.)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

very, very special

When the Old Hats curtain came up yesterday, when the dancing and music
started, I just sat for a moment feeling overwhelmingly grateful to be there with
such talent in this wonderful setting. Bill Irwin and David Shiner are clowns
and we loved them in 2001 in Fool Moon. They have not only aged beautifully,
they have included the extremely versatile Shaina Taub as music director.
She is such an asset! This is ACT's opening presentation for this season and
really, it could NOT have been better. We loved every terrific moment -
please consider going, you won't be sorry.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

and more from pathetica

inside the award-winning Chit Chat Cafe

black birds on the rocks   

At some point the Blogmaid accused me of thinking like a blogger when
we hit the Chit Chat. I'm sure that was a compliment. Then I met a woman
who fed these big birds every single day, she appeared perfectly normal
but we know better. She was proud that their feathers were so shiny and
at that point I made a polite "gotta go!" exit. Speaking of which, we leave
two weeks from today - wowza.