Monday, May 02, 2016

to the sea!

This has become a new pattern for me. The day after returning from a trip
I need to see MY ocean. Husbando and I had a lovely Sunday, as you can
see from the photos. Land's End in all its glory and lunch in Linda and Tom's
nabe. That is (of all things) deep fried sand dab and it was delicious. We
ate waaaaaay too much at The Sunset's Best Seafood Restaurant at 41st
and Taraval. We were heading to L&T's Thai eatery, but this place caught
our eye and we fell in to eat mu shu pork, chicken and cashew, fried seafood
combination plate and the yummy sand dab. Oh, and to watch the Warriors
on TV. A delightful Sunday for sure.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Five hours of drive

But home is the reward! Perfect amount of time, location, friendship
and relaxation. Good weather too. Oh, and theater...

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Friday adventures

Jacksonville, Oregon

The Mustard Seed for breakfast

local color
Jacksonville is about 1/2 hour away from Ashland, one of those historic
little towns that remind me so much of other historic little towns. But
we had large breakfasts and good conversation to start the day. Then
back home to see The Yeoman of the Guard in the new (to me) Thomas
Theater ~ a 1.5 hour musical by Gilbert and Sullivan. Fun stuff, not
exactly my cup of tea, so we had lattes at Starbucks afterwards. I am
glad I saw this production, truly, but the 6 yo boy next to me REALLY
loved it and isn't that telling?

More walking about town and dinner again at Greenleaf. It is so
good and inexpensive. Finally got to bed at a decent hour last night
and today Carlini and I leave McEvoy and travel home. It's time,
but this has been a very special vacation for me and I am grateful.

Friday, April 29, 2016

of parks and people

We three all seemed to need a solo day, so I finally took off for Lithia Park,
about 3 miles of glorious walking along the Lithia Creek. I should have
recorded the sounds for future relaxing. No hills, just walk and marvel.
Plenty of "poison ivy warning" signs, but I was careful. Oregon had a
drought too, but last winter helped set things right again.

I took my iPad to lunch at Zoey's ~ an old fashioned ice cream parlor with
soup and sandwiches. Leisurely and so very inexpensive. The food here
always seems extra fresh and tasty, or maybe I just have the time to
eat slowly and enjoy every bite?

Dinner with Richard and Bob last night at Greenleaf. Yum. Then the BEST
play of this trip. ROE by Lisa Loomer. Yes, it was about the 70's pro-choice
battle that still reverberates today. It was beyond wonderful. Funny, biting
and it brought out both sides of this still difficult discussion. Great acting.
Lots of us older liberal women in the audience and of course we broke
into spontaneous applause from time-to-time during the play.

In an hour we head for Jacksonville for breakfast and then we have a
matinee which you will read about tomorrow.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

the play's the thing

Well, except for food and friendship, that is. The top two pix are from the
most excellent Morning Glory Cafe where we three had brunch. The bottom
is the outdoor theater (huge) now closed for a re-mo. The REAL season
here starts in June, but it all seems busy to me now, although I guess it
really isn't, according to McEvoy, our Ashland Authority.

So yesterday we saw The River Bride, a delightful one act play with some
humor, some sorrow. Last night was a slap-sticky Twelfth Night which had
been updated and included music and dancing. I am glad that I stayed until
the grand finale though, because that was spectacular with exquisite
costumes and tap dancing!

I learned from McEvoy that OSF rents out their expensive and fabulous
costumes and Saturday Night Live is a big customer.

Oh, a GREAT dinner at the Ashland Co-op last night. Cheap and fresh.
I walked in and was immediately transported back to our Rainbow Grocery.
Same smells, same bulk foods, colorful customers, odd clerks, etc.

Only one play today. But first, this woman needs a walk!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

beautiful Ashland


Richard (top) and Bob ~ my dates
The drive up was just a bit hair-raising, but we stopped often and had many
good laughs. Ashland has grown (of course) since last I was here, but
last night all the traffic calmed down and it was quiet. We are in the Best
Western right downtown and soon I'm going to get up and walk, but it
feels so nice to stay in bed with coffee and oj. Front row seats to an
unexpectedly good "Great Expectations" ~ three hours! Boy that Pip
sure learns some important life lessons. Two plays today, so best I move
my ass and WALK and take pix for you, dear readers.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

travels with carlini

Richard sent me this joke. Have I mentioned that he is not a great driver?
He was the first person we ever knew who would talk on his phone and
try to drive too. All of his friends make fun of him, but thankfully he
drives a HUGE truck-like SUV thing which usually I hate, but in this
case helps me feel safe. Carlini has never had an accident, at least not
one that he would tell us about. See you tomorrow from Ashland!