Tuesday, September 02, 2014

let's party!

chicken with yummy curry sauce

Jim and the Great Plottie (host)

lot's of food and folk (taken before the crowds)
Usually I have to work on Labor Day, but yesterday the museums were
closed, so we enjoyed a delightful BBQ and social time with the Duck
and Plottie and hundreds of their friends, all connected by the Noe Valley
Voice publication. Well, we read it religiously, but others contribute with
writing, ad selling, crossword puzzles and design. A delightful group and
gorgeous sunny weather.

Monday, September 01, 2014


It's appropriate to show the clock here too. This is my Ellen file, remember
the heroine looking for her sister? Well, it is a mish-mash, it needs lots
and lots of work. But Ellen never really goes away, she has wormed a
hole in my heart and quite a few people encourage me to keep working on
this piece of (ahem) fiction. At one point I approached one of my favorite
teachers about helping me privately, but the cost was prohibitive. Well,
this teacher emailed me yesterday that she has an opening in her novel writing
workshop and yes, I will be going. It begins Sept. 10th, and I am very,
very excited. We will meet every two weeks in Karen's Glen Park home
and now I'm thinking that Ellen will be going to Paris at some point during
her sister search.  More adventure - more, more, more!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

s'il vous plait

Rick Steves (in today's chronny) admits to being about the only travel
guy who can't speak the languages.  Trying to learn French was the worst
month of his life because the four ways they pronounce "un" broke his
spirit. But he says that just by using the simplest of French pleasantries
insures that he gets fine treatment everywhere. I must admit that by doing
my Duolingo everyday I've been helped me a bit and now when I go back
to be retested I can find the chemise rouge et chat blanc without even a pause.
I guess what bothers me the most, however, is how the "s" isn't usually
spoken at the end of a word, unless it is and who knows. Au revoir and smile.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

haunting, surprising...

We streamed The Silence last Thursday night and I'm still thinking about
this Swedish film because it's so unusual. Yes, it's a mystery and not easy
to watch, but there are some subtle and strange occurrences that make
one wonder about human nature, time, evil deeds, etc. It seems like The
Flix® has about 4,000 new movies and TV shows from around the
world lately - such a treat. As a result, interestingly enough, when Husbando
called to do his yearly battle with Comcast, it turns out that they are
cutting our monthly rate and also adding HBO, Showtime, etc. Amazing.
I guess traditional TV is running scared, as well they should be.

Friday, August 29, 2014

front row seats (again)

We had a fabulous time yesterday - celebrating Ginger's b.day and our
Giants' WIN. The weather could not have been better, quite warm with a
gentle sea breeze every 45 minutes or so to cool us down. Husbando met
us for lunch at the Primo Patio (it's a tradition) and he picked up the check
as we rushed over to the Jewel. So this year I'm four wins and one loss when
I attend a game. Not bad at all. Bochy smiles when he knows I'm in the audience.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

a trip to Rio

I'm always amazed when a video actually works on the blog! So enjoy...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Floyd enjoys a run

A treadmill for dogs? This would have benefited our Irish Setter back in
the day. Jean is giving treats to Floyd while the machine is off, then she
gradually increases the speed until he's running along with his tongue
hanging out and his glazed eyes picturing green grass or beach sand.
After the run it is so much easier to train these hyper dogs and of course
they all love leaving their rooms for a change of scenery.