Sunday, August 19, 2018

the Saturday non-news

AM work

PM walk ~ Bryant and 24th Streets

Yesterday I FINALLY got out to the garden and collected this huge bag
of weeds and other clean-up crap. The last time I did this (April?)
Husbando applauded me from our back deck above. I miss that.
After a shower and cat nap (hahahaha) I walked up Bryant for an
elegant dinner at Starbucks. It was a warm and delightful evening
and I slept nicely last night with only a hint of cannabis to help me.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Embarcadero

Yesterday I met John and Mary for lunch at the Slanted Door, but first I had
a lovely latte on a wobbly red table and watched the tourists enjoying the
sunshine. Husbando loved this area, but who doesn't? Our lunch was better
than any of us expected and we talked about everything and it was just
as pleasant as could be. Friends make everything so much better.

Friday, August 17, 2018

oh wonderful book!

I always/always pay attention to Dancing Jen's book recommendations
and this is so wise on my part. Meet Me at the Museum is simply
enchanting and just what I need right now. Thank you Jen and author
Anne Youngson.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

restaurant redux

I know, I know ~ I was just here with Carlini two weeks ago. But it is
such an unusual restaurant so yesterday I met Ginger and her daughter
Jayne here and we had a delightful time at E&O. Husbando loved
anything corn (karn) including these corn fritters and then we had
chicken in a lettuce cup, spring rolls, papaya salad and ginger (!)
cookies with coffee.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

we need some cuteness

The Blogmaid Family adopted Eleven and Hopper and life is very merry
indeed down in Pumpkinville.  Eleven has more orange than her brother,
in case you want to know which is which. And of course you do.

On a personal note I am branching out ~ went to TJ's and Costco and did
not need my ever present Kleenex® in either store. Of course I avoided
certain sections where Husbando-memories would overwhelm me. But
still and all ~ progress.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

if, in our garden

I went out to water our garden yesterday and this beautiful butterfly stayed
very near to me the entire time. I thought of this poem:


If, in your garden, when I die
when I die, a flower appears;
if in a cloud-rumpled sky you see a star,
you see a star no one has ever seen;
and a bird comes close and murmurs to you,
murmurs to you with a sweet sound
opening his beak along your lips
saying the things I have said to you;
that broken sky, and that flower -
they will be my life: changed,
all changed, according to god's law.

They will be my substance under
another face ---
wing and corolla, coal and mist;
they will be my thoughts transformed -
odor and air, song and sun.
I am a body - when will they bury me?
I m a traveller - when do I go?
I am a larva, transmuting itself -
when will god's law come to pass
and I become sky and bird,
flower and star?

Salvador Diaz Miron
(1853 - 1928)

Monday, August 13, 2018

and we WON

Carlini's birthday present from me yesterday ~ a fine baseball game with
our new ace pitcher Dereck Rodriguez (son of Pudge) in charge. We won.
Richard is from Pittsburgh and was texting his cousin Pasquale during
the game so that was extra fun as Carlini is now a proud Giants' fan.
It was a good day because, as I've mentioned before, Sundays can be
difficult during this phase of my life.