Saturday, June 23, 2018

leave of absence

I will be taking some time off because dear Husbando is
reaching his Journey's End as the hospice literature states.
Age and a very bad heart take their toll. He still has a
very big heart, but like his body, it is just plain wore out.
I will write again at some point. Know that our friends are
embracing us with love, soup, kindness, chocolate and just
being here with us. Nurse/reverend Carlini is our guide these
days and what would we do without him?

Friday, June 22, 2018

report from Bisbee, AZ

Folks around here are marveling at how quiet it is here at the Border in Southeast 
Arizona.   Both crossings - Douglas and Naco are quiet  - with people coming and 
going and business as usual. (No national guards have been spotted) Tuesday I 
went to Aqua Prieta to get my eyes checked; and had a conversation with my 
doc's assistant about "Manifest Destiny" (he brought it up).  Thought it explained 
a lot about the American government's attitude.

Yesterday my dental hygienist - who is Mexican American - marveled at how 
heartless the Trump administration is - and with the blessing of some many 
people - none of whom we know.  We saw the CNN interview with the 
horrid old people in Mesa, Arizona and  decided that Mesa is one place 
you don't want to go -- not even to stop for gas. She told me about growing 
up here before 9/11 and how everybody just walked back and forth across 
the border, shopping and visiting.   Then the Feds came and built the fences 
and everybody had to get a Border pass card to go back and forth.  All of it 
irrelevant to life down here -- and a big inconvenience.  A couple of weekends 
ago, there was a communal Border concert in Douglas and Aqua Prieta - 
singing and dancing and sharing food through the fence.  (My next door neighbor 
did her fire dancing as part of the celebration)  Of course it got no news coverage 
Meanwhile we are heartsick at the plight of all the refugee children and parents - who are considered an "infestation" by our president.

Now I'm going out to fill my bird feeders and water my garden.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

pitcher for sale

Meet Hunter Strickland, hot head. After losing a game for our Giants
on Monday night he rammed his fist into a wall breaking his pinky
finger and proving once again that anger should be channeled. Jerk.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

it's more

I just started Less by Andrew Sean Greer who is one of our favorite
authors and a local guy too. Wonderful writing, of course. Try it!

Monday, June 18, 2018

sometimes it is just too much

Here, from a friend on Facebook:

We're living in a country that is building concentration camps for children
 and that is presided over by a leader who admires murderous dictators, 
demands obedience and wants to dominate space and his cronies who 
are starting to openly equate morality with adherence to the law. At this 
point I'm no longer treating the idea of an American fascist state as a 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Frank loved all trees

Frank at work for FUF
81 new trees with this sticker

 Friends of the Urban Forest gathered yesterday out on 25h Avenue to honor
our Frank who gave so much time and money to the trees of SF. When we
would mention an address (say of a friend or maybe a restaurant) Frank
knew exactly which trees were out in front. Many he had planted and taken
care of over the years. Frank was an arborist and an all-around fine man.
FUF had a huge volunteer force yesterday morning and they were going
to plant 81 trees out in the Avenues. All with the lovely Frank sticker.
It was a special morning for Frank's huge fan club ~ and sunshine too!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

variety in Pumpkinville

All spotted on Kelly Avenue, about a block from the ocean in Half
Moon Bay on my early Thursday walk. Excellence.