Saturday, April 21, 2018

meeting Benny

Benny belongs to Andrea who has been my writing partner off and on
for years. She wrote when her husband was dying, when she sold her
home in Idaho and bought a new one, when she signed up for a poetry
class taught by Ellen Bass. Yesterday we met for the second time ever
in Stonestown and I finally got to meet Benny too. Andrea was on
her way to Stinson Beach and we had coffee at Peet's and talked of
many things. Round Robin writing encourages us to dig deeper and
uncover joys and sorrows in a safe environment. Andrea and I know
each other very well despite only meeting in person twice in life.
(Benny is half corgi and half Jack Russel and wanted to kill every
bird in and around Stonestown.)

Friday, April 20, 2018

train ride with tears

1968 ~ Robert F. Kennedy's memorial train. Haunting photos of single
people and crowds coming out to pay their respects. There is also a
movie from on the train and really I did not expect to be as moved as
I was because so much has happened in my life since then. SF Moma,
third floor. And don't miss Sublime Seas on the 7th Floor.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

dog appreciation

Anything but Standard
It was the two of us, wasn't it, on those steamy nights
circling the low-slung museum across the street
and lingering by the pond behind the chapel. 

It's how the southern clouds passed slowly
overhead, season after season, year after year, 

as you followed a low intricate scent
across the stately lit lawn,
and studied the squirrels in the live oaks,
and waded into the brown reflecting pool
with the broken obelisk. 

You were a descendent of water dogs
and anything but standard
when you materialized out of the sticky heat
with your dripping black forehead
and delinquent grin, a growl unmuzzled. 

It was your Russian face that steadied me
as I sat on a battered wooden bench,
lost in a night that wouldn't end,
and you lay down—calm, poised, watchful—
and stirred beside me on the simmering grass. 

Let's get up and go.
Trot ahead of me, old friend,
and shake off the watery darkness.

~ Edward Hirsch

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

our little hill

This lovely rainbow photo was in our bucolic neighborhood e-newsletter
a couple of days ago. It's all so Bernal Heights, so San Francisco, so life affirming.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

street art?

A wire podium on the Valencia Street sidewalk. Not very pretty nor
inviting, but any salute to free speech is welcome these days. I had
a huge long and wonderful walk yesterday afternoon ~ all the way
to Church and Market to meet a friend for coffee. As I have said
many times in this blog (and elsewhere) walking solves everything.

Monday, April 16, 2018

combative Comey

We recorded this Comey interview last night and Husbando is watching it
while now I get caught up here on my computer down in my office in the
garage. I don't like this man but I think he probably did a good job as FBI
Director. Many of us feel that he is responsible for Hillary's loss,
but who really knows? He does want to sell his book. Duh.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

the Chronicle recommends

London Breed for Mayor. My choice ever since I heard her speak at a rally
about a year ago. With the major newspaper endorsing London I believe
her chances are much better. I have already sent her some $$$, now I need
to get a window sign and maybe attend an event or two. It's been many
years since we had a woman mayor, back when DiFi took over after
Mayor Moscone was killed. My city.