Wednesday, July 18, 2018

there are no coincidences

My friend from the museums, Pamela, was here on Sunday for coffee and
cat talk. She reminded me of the book she gave me when I retired (above)
that she wrote. And the very first cat ~ A is for Annabelle. Now Pamela's
book is featured prominently here in our little cat haven.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Sunday at the Playhouse with Jen

My sincere thanks to Dancing Jen for going with me to see this Sondheim
musical about art and artists. I have trouble concentrating during this time
of grief so this seemed a bit long, but very well done and lovely with
music, costumes and color. But the best of all was being with my friend
who comforts me with her love and complete acceptance of all sorts of my
inappropriate comments and tears. Really, a fine Sunday, all in all.

Monday, July 16, 2018

an easier Sunday

Here we have Annabelle doing the meatloaf (thanks to Pat Snyder for
that perfect expression) as we wait for our guests yesterday morning.
We had coffee and pie (!) and good conversation, a lot revolving
around cats, of course. After the guests left I met Dancing Jen down
in Union Square for more coffee and then we saw the play, "Sunday
in the Park with George" which I will review in a half-assed manner later.

I have bad and sad news about George, the Blogmaid's Family horse
who died shockingly yesterday. My heart is with them and it is not
easy to think of anything else right now. Sorrow.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

loving my fur ball

Annabelle is settling in quietly and quickly. She is two years old but the
Blogmaid suspects she might be even younger despite the fact that she
had four kittens recently. I promised her no more kitten birth stuff.
She uses the cat scratch pole, the clumpy litter stuff, has a great appetite
and last night she slept politely on my feet. Right now she follows me
around like a dog, but soon she will settle in. The SPCA is just the
BEST about everything and it was a positive and happy experience with
Neti, Ginger and the Blogmaid. My love and thanks to them and to
Carlini who texted his questions and approval every three minutes.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

TEAM BILL meets again

This morning at 10am the wonderful friends who helped Husbando
"transition" three weeks ago will meet at the SPCA to help me select
a cat. Not a kitten. He told me to get a cat when he died and we all
remember that he did not care for felines. I am excited. So once again,
here's to:

  • the Blogmaid
  • Ginger
  • Carlini
  • Neti 
With love and thanks. Now let's find the purr-fect fur ball. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

how's for a binge?

Husbando and I didn't care for the first episode of The Americans so we
never watched it. I kept hearing good things about it, however, and last
night I tried again on the Flix® and yes, it is a delight. Russian spies living
in America and facing all sorts of complications, temptations and dilemmas.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

so many firsts

Yesterday I spent $8 (!) on a Peet's latte to sit and appreciate our baseball history
because Husbando and I started out at Candlestick at a very bleak time in
our lives and the Giants saved us. We loved the World Series, Dusty Baker,
caps, tee shirts and jackets and all the hot dogs and garlic fries. So it was the
first time I didn't go home to tell Bill about the game and my time with Ginger.
I miss that, the chit chat. We didn't stay for the entire game because I had
Tiapos over at Suzy's last night ~ another first because I would bring work
home for Bill to read. But I got lots of warm hugs and it was wonderful being
with my writing friends again, even though I'm not up to writing yet.