Saturday, February 25, 2017

back to Bisbee

Here, from an email from my friend Mary:

Since I don't do 'social media' I'm sending out my occasional group 
news concerning life down here at the Border in Arizona.  There are 
lots of wrong assumptions about the Arizona folks living at the 
Border in Arizona. As one woman recently put it - "We don't 
want folks in the Rust Belt thinking they know what's good for us.  
We've got it good down here.  Just leave us alone."  

A lot of us cross the Border for vision care, dental care. derm care  
and prescriptions.  Everybody on the other side has always been 
extremely polite and kind.  The hateful rhetoric coming out of Trump's 
mouth and echoed by his followers makes life tense down here and 
we don't appreciate it.  

See link below to local news

Friday, February 24, 2017

my Oakland roots

Ferry terminal at Jack London Square

When I first moved to the Bay Area after college I lived in Oakland and I
have always loved that city. Yesterday after a successful dental visit to
Right Wing Wong I walked from 20th Street down to Jack London Square
hoping to catch the ferry back to SF. Alas I would have had to wait for
two hours, so I walked back to 12th Street for BART. But it was a
beautiful day and I was in a superb mood, so I enjoyed every step on
my walk back into the past. Some things the same, many changes too.
That's how it works, Ms. Stein, accept this and rejoice.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

of caves and bulges

Burial cave is waaaaay down in bottom chamber

Yesterday in class Dr. Debra Bolter told us all about this wonderful
discovery near Johannesburg, South Africa. VERY old bones found
in a burial site so tiny that six small women anthropologists were
recruited to slide up and down chutes to the Rising Star Cave where
15 bodies were found. An important link between chimps and man,
but still a lot to learn. Fascinating!

In the afternoon we returned to Germany for the Malmedy Massacre
and the Ardennes Campaign, aka the "Battle of the Bulge". Finally
Hitler and Eva marry and for the honeymoon he gives her cyanide.
Then we covered a few post-war trials and committees and here we
meet Senator Joseph McCarthy. God help us.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

dim (more than) sum

The Great Plotniks treated us to a fabulous lunch yesterday at Yank Sing
in the Rincon Center. Dish after dish of buns, balls, pork, chicken and so
many shrimp creations that we lost count and Dodger Doug just kept
saying, "hmmmmm, one more of these, please." Once again we wondered
why the place was so packed on an almost-rainy Tuesday, but it was.
Must be the food, service and lovely ambiance. Grateful? Oh, yes...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

raining dogs and cats

Man, this rain keeps on coming down. Good thing our house is sturdy
and the roof was recently renewed. The top photo features Vans
and a couple of volunteers who adore him, as do I. The tuxedo cat
in the VW is just one that I am pre-shopping for Carlini and his
Calico who might be getting a playmate soon. An uneventful SPCA
day, all in all, except of the eternal question of why a dog will jump
into a mud hole and yet hates the rain? Bless the dog walkers...

Monday, February 20, 2017

it's Showtime

I'm a little embarrassed to confess that we decided to spend an extra
$10 a month just for Showtime so we can binge on this glorious
series entitled The Affair. We had seen the first year and missed
these characters and their love/hate relationships ~ now we are
deep into Season Two and Three is waiting for us. The writers
are great and keep adding new and colorful characters and soon
there will be a trial. We love courtroom drama...

Sunday, February 19, 2017

a trial run

I've seen a LOT of Diane Arbus and her amazing photographs over the years
and there is a big exhibit here now down at our MOMA. So I popped in
yesterday but, my lord, the museum was filled with people and the lines
were long. My eight years working in museums spoiled me because I
used to sneak in early or late and have the art almost to myself. I don't
share well, art-wise, it appears. But I was happy to be downtown with
too many people who also love art and I will get together with Diane
at a later date and during the week for some quality time and appreciation.