Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Ken (the person)

I met Ken back in '92 (I think) when we trained with B&N out in Concord.
We would take turns driving back and forth. These were rough patches for
both of us and we got to know each other well;  laughing and crying on the
long drives. He was my boss once too, at the Fish Wharf B&N. Now we
are museum people - he is the manager of the Oakland Art Museum store and
you all know where I work. Yesterday was my b.day lunch (belated by
about 4 months) at our favorite Noeteca - such fun.

Monday, March 02, 2015

rosy city

When I was driving home from work Saturday night I noticed quite a few
people pointing their cell phones to the western sky and I rushed home,
hoping to get a few dramatic shots. We don't "do" sunsets here, but lately
the cloud formations have been unusual and Facebook is ablaze with much
better photos than mine. The neighbors three doors down spend a lot
of money making sure this huge tree is not a danger and even though it
blocks our view, the birds love it and trees in a city are essential, even
if some aren't official beauties.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

need your Paris fix?

My Old Lady is an unfortunate title for this rather fine movie, set
right there, right in the heart of Paris. Kevin Kline's father bequeaths
him a large and glorious apartment in the Marais, problem is the
father's lover (Ms. Maggie) is still there and complications arise.
It helps to appreciate the three leading characters, which I do...

Saturday, February 28, 2015

saturday at the LOH

We are between special exhibits at both museums now, but I like
this new painting at the Legion of Honor.  It will be quiet enough today
that I'll be able to visit Eugene's nephew again. Here is the official scoop:

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco are pleased to announce 
the acquisition of the Portrait of Charles de Verninac, by Eugène 
Delacroix (French, 1798–1863). This is the first painting by the
artist to enter the Museums’ collection, which strengthens the 
institution’s holdings of French Romantic paintings of the early
nineteenth century.

Friday, February 27, 2015

the antagonist

I went to my novel class on Friday night and Teacher Karen spent some
time talking about how absolutely necessary the antagonists are. They
are the hero of their own lives - think about that. Ellen's main enemy is
her sister Diane, so I have spent this week exploring her life and her
motives. I had never given Diane much thought before, but now I have
her story and (oh oh) I'm starting to like her. When I typed up the notes
from this class Husbando said, "it's like all your writing books condensed
down to these important concepts." Oh, and along the way, some protagonists
will become antagonists. I love a mystery.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

thanks, Fevered Brain!

I'm so enjoying A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon. This was recommended
by my friend Susan over there in The All of It blog which is such fun to
read. Susan and Jim are currently back in Mexico, in their colorful second
home by the sea. This story is so very British and yet so universal...

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

our Sunday adventure

One of Husbando's doctors has moved to the gigantic new UCSF Medical
Center down at the end of 16th Street, very close to the bay. It is a maze
of new buildings and we decided to poke around on a Sunday when we
could park free and do the Stein Dry Run thing that makes city living a
bit easier. Muni has created a new bus line (#55) and Himself will take
that for his future appointments, but this worked out nicely, even though
we weren't impressed with the stark architecture which will look better
when the landscaping all evolves. And I found a coffee shop. Success.