Thursday, October 23, 2014

meet Niece Jill

I think I learned more about Paris from Jill and the K clan (see future
T & O posts) than from any guide book. Dancing Jen and I had dinner with
N.Jill in our very own nabe on our first Sunday night in Paris. Jill grew up
in St. Louis (as did Husbando) and has lived in the lively Marais district for
22 years. She is happy in Paris and has lots of friends and activities, including
the American Library which she so appreciates. Although she visits the U.S.
about twice a year, she certainly considers Paris her home and she gave us some
tourist ideas and tried to convince us that her French is not great. Ha! It is my
belief that there exists a large and active American ex-pat community and
I think moving to another country takes an extra dose of courage always,
but especially to leave the comforts of our comparatively easy-livin' USA.
A memorable night, for sure.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

thoughts and observations - chiens

Husbando is encouraging me to write down memories while they are
still fresh. The photos help. When we had dinner with Niece Jill, she
was explaining how the last mayor pushed through a law making it
VERY costly not to pick up after your dog. I can't tell you how much
better this makes walking, but of course you can guess. We saw mostly
little dogs, all on leashes and some as above - a photo I had to take in
a most furtive manner. (hahahaha, get it?)

Happy news - what fun watching the Giants bash those cocky Cinderella
Boys-in-Blue last night for Game #1.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

simple pleasures

 .Morning coffee in my John Deere mug
 .World Series starts tonight
 .Fruit for breakfast
 .This morning's Blogmaid email
 .Almost 8 hours of sleep 
 .Walking the nabe later in the day
 .Putting away suitcase until next trip
 .Hot bubble bath last night 

After Husbando picked me up from BART he urged me to go
right to the Verizon store and get my phone back in U.S. order
and I reluctantly did so, even though I was in such a fog. But that 
was necessary and today of course I'm grateful that he pushed
me there, dropped me off and waited while I hung around in a stupor.

I have a new adventure coming up too. I will work Election
Day and that entails long hours, two training classes and
pretty good pay. This, like the SPCA, is part of my "let's give back
to the universe with thanks" campaign now that I am an old
woman who refuses to actually admit it.

And this morning my thoughts are with Dancing Jen who has to
work - you can do it!  

Monday, October 20, 2014

blogger tourist home

A nice French woman took this photo of me being the solo tourist
at a little cafe near the Eiffel Tower. The food wasn't spectacular,
but I just love sitting and watching all the people. I walked down
the left bank and then crossed over to the right side and it was just
the best day ever - hot even! I meant to hit another museum, but
I didn't want to be inside on my last day.

Air France is wonderful, truly. If you have to sit for 10 to 11 hours,
you might as well have excellent food and service. I'm unpacked
and wearing orange and black already - starting to fade and getting
the jet lag feeling. So good to see Husbando who loves his new
beret and macaroons. It's odd without Dancing Jen, but I'll leave
her alone and email her tomorrow.Yup, we have some memories!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

sunday, lazy final day

More beautiful sunny weather here this morning. More church bells - my this last
week flew by, in a good way. Yesterday was a walking/sitting/savoring day and
then we went to dinner in a real Parisian apartment. Jen's friends Pascal, Fatwah
and their 13 yo son generously invited us for a delicious fish dinner, preceded by
fois grois (sp?) the goose liver banned in SF. Yes, it is animal cruelty, but truthfully
it was amazingly good and I can' be rude, can I? Then fish, vegetables, cheese 
and tart - all delicious. Fatwah gave us each a rose when he came home and 
Jen generously gave hers to a woman crying on the Metro. I needed mine for
the blog as all my photos yesterday are on the iPhone and I will share them with
you when I get home next week. It was midnight when we got back home, so
we both had restless nights.

Today I was planning on another museum, but I think I'll just walk along the
Seine and stop for coffee and some sort of snack.

I asked Joe to send me my work schedule for next week and you know how
that puts one right back in the thick of things. But I don't start until Thursday,
so that's all good. No one feels sorry for people with jet lag.

Our plane leaves around 10am tomorrow. With time change we should hit
SF about 2ish. So much I didn't do and see - but so much that I did. 

I have a French mosquito bite on my right eyebrow - ugly!

Next post will be from Bernal - thanks for reading, I don't know why spell
check isn't working, but that just adds to the blog-charm.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

saturday in paris after zzzzzzzz

We have two more nights here, unbelievable, no? For some blessed and
inexplicable reason I slept last night! I mean really slept with the ear
plugs in only for maybe a half hour. Our Kindles are such a godsend,
we can both read and not turn on any lights or bother the other person.
I am reading and loving "Paying Guests" and yes, I recommend it.

So, yesterday. I took a leisurely walk through the Tuilleries again, sitting to
watch the tourists sleep in those lounge chairs. Then I walked to Musee
de l'Orangerie that was created for the Monet water lilly searies. Lovely,
of course. But then downstairs, lots of glorious art including a special
exhibit by Emile Bernard that I so enjoyted. Of course I spent more time
here than I planned, and by the time I hit my old stand-by Blvd. St. Germaine
I was famished and stopped at The Two Maggots (see photo) for a croque
monseiur and salad, then some map advice from several waiters.

Onward to the Rodin where I once again was impressed with this artist,
so beautiful. I had tea in the garden cafe and called Husbando, then
ooooohed and ahhhhed some more. He  produced so many, many

Now, a smattering of photos for your enjoyment. I don't know what order
they will appear, but they are sent with much love. Another sunny day here
in Paris - we so lucked out with the weather. OK, Bernard is last, then 
Deux Maggots and finally Rodin.

Friday, October 17, 2014

friday and on to the world series!

Wow, thank heavens for the iPhone - I listened to the game during the night and
when Morris hit the home run I almost screamed. Then, bottom of the 9th - I
really so love our Giants. This morning I am having a $15E breakfast at our hotel,
with a whole banana, cheese, rolls and (imagine) a pot of coffee! I'm sharing the
table with a woman from Denmark and she is busy on her iPad too. How did we
travel before these wonderful conveniences? I've been watching videos of our
Giants and their colorful fans and looking forward to the World Series next 
week. Orange people vs. the hefty blue ones in KC.

But hey, ths is about Paris, n'est pas? So yesterday, no rain all day. I had a great
time at the Pompidou Center because of the strange and unusual art and the
building with the elevators on the outside. I'll show you somee photos next.
Stopped for a latte and a sweet, just like at home. Everyone is so friendly and
eager to please this happy American. I spent more time here than I planned,
then walked to the Louvre.

What a zoo, but free on the Museum Pass, so I really needed to go in and
experience the whole thing. It was not an easy time, but I did see the
Italian section and had some wonderful memories of touring Italy with
ALL those women a few years ago. 

By then it was getting to Husbando Calling Time (4:30pm here, 7:30am SF)
so I went to the Tuillaries and sat by a fountain. I have grown to love these
huge grounds and will probably end up back there today at some point.
This is the last day of the 4 Day Museum Pass (a really good deal), so I
will try to hit 3 on the list. But, thanks to the Giants, I am moving slowly
this morning.  

Oh, dinner - with Dancing Jen in a pizza (!) place here in the nabe. We were
both tired and retired eardly with our e-books and iPhones.

The photos are backwards - the bottom is the view from Pompidou elevator
and the top the garden.