Wednesday, April 08, 2020

full moon and poetry


Jane Hirshfield

Three times my life has opened.
Once, into darkness and rain.
Once into what the body carries at all times within it and
    starts to remember each time it enters the act of love.
Once to the fire that holds all.
These three were not different.
You will recognize what I am saying or you will not.
But outside my window all day a maple has stepped
    from her leaves like a woman in love with winter, dropping
    the colored silks.
Neither are we different in what we know.
There is a door. It opens. Then it is closed. But a slip of
   light stays, like a scrap of unreadable paper left on the floor,
   or the one red leaf the snow releases in March.

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

grey inside and out

Much gloom yesterday ~ rain off and on and dark skies. I did not walk.
I never made the bed, I was often inside it with my book and assorted
electronics. Chicken broth for lunch, from a can of course. I think this
is all part of the process, one has good and bad days, but they are
magnified now when housebound.

From my friend Carlini:

 Here are 10 affirmations for letting 
go of perfectionism during a pandemic.  

  1. Today, I’m not judging myself or others. 
  2. I trust myself to navigate this moment.  
  3. I release any need to compare myself to anyone else. 
  4. Things don’t need to go exactly as planned. 
  5. Small steps are still forward progress. 
  6. Good enough is actually good enough. 
  7. I can observe chaos and uncertainty without fear. 
  8. I am already worthy. 
  9. I let go of expectations from myself and others. 
  10. Less is more. 

Monday, April 06, 2020

anything is possible

My friend Susan (with the Fevered Brain) suggested this about a week
ago. She thought maybe Cuomo would be nominated during the
convention. He is an impressive leader that we sorely need ~ what
a contrast to tRump.

Sunday, April 05, 2020

my un-zoomed dinner spot

me and my Samsung

Coffee (right) and Kareem (middle)

Yes, I too like the fancy single setting when I zoom, but here is my usual
dining spot ~ it's all about the TV from 6 to 9pm. And that's OK, I'm
OK. Last night I watched the silly Coffee & Kareem on Netflix, but it
was better than more/more/more corona virus news. We have rain here,
as you can see, but I still get a walk in for sanity sake. My garden is
lapping up all this most needed moisture.

Saturday, April 04, 2020

mother never taught me

Another Zoom dinner with Doug and Barb and even though I really love
these Costco Shoyu Ramen frozen dinners, one should not eat noodles
when friends are watching (and eating basic American food) at a fancy
Zoom dinner. And, if I may share this with you, one's table manners sort
of take a hike when eating alone in front of the newspaper, LindaKindle4
or the evening news. (Chris Cuomo and/or Rachel Maddow never judge me.)

Friday, April 03, 2020

early morning romp

this blogger's Instacart

Precita Park ~ Husbando's favorite go-to spot

Yesterday I avoided fireplace heaven and hit the streets with my cart. I
must applaud Safeway for the Old People Hour on Tuesday and Thursday ~
well organized and safe, or so I hope. Everyone keeps their distance and
the produce is fresh, the shelves somewhat stocked. I like to buy one
expensive Honey Crisp apple every week to have with cheese, so this
is where I am able to find that. Has the weather here EVER been more
beautiful? The light and air as appealing as during these strange days?

Thursday, April 02, 2020

all kinds of escape

Our heroine Esty (Esther) is now married and her head is shaved as a part
of the oh so strict rules and taboos of the Hasidic community in New York.
Unorthodox is the mostly true story of Esty's escape to Berlin and my great
need to avoid the nightly news and horrors of the corona virus. This is on
Netflix and has my valuable recommendation. Plus I'd like to go to Berlin
one day, so it's fun to sightsee.