Saturday, March 31, 2007

concentrate on the flowers

Pardon the elephant's ass here in the second photo ~ of course
these are from inside Macy's yesterday. This morning was a MESS
because msBook had to go to hospital (The Total Mac on Geary,
and thanks for that recommendation Ms. Salon Mistressnik.) I drove
today so I took an extra long lunch (instead of none) and I was the
first distressed computer owner in a line of five. This is when we
we all realize how completely dependent we are on our computers.
Some folks feel the same about their flips (cell phones) too, but
I'm not quite there yet.

Anyway, I needed a new cord adaptor gizmo because it wore out, I
guess. Battery problems and blah blah and I'm out of there for
$64.00. And she's feeling good. But it was a nasty few hours this
morning without my best friend/worst enemy.

Three more work days before vaca! Molto molto bene....

Friday, March 30, 2007

today's lunch time treat

flower show
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Today was the first day of the Macy's annual flower show and it is fabulous as always. The theme this year is "Imagine India" and the colors brilliant. Mostly greens and azaleas inside, but lots of variety in the front windows including some floating lovelies (I don't know their names). It's days like this that I feel so grateful that I work right in the heart of downtown SF. They must have had a crew working all night to have the store looking so spectacular. This lasts until April 14, but of course it's best to visit early when all the flowers are so fresh.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

trail mix, warm scarf, handi-wipes and amazing spousal disagreement!

First, thank you for the oh so helpful responses to my
To Do list. From Susan the Tonsil Warrior (currently
residing in Mexico ~ she spent 5 months in Europe in
2004) and The Great Plotnik who has traveled all over
the world too. I am a grateful pre-packer and I purchased
a few more necessities today. I will heed all the sound
advice, including copies of everything to Husbando.

Last night Husbando really loved After the War.
I did not. I thought the best part was the surprise
meeting with the Plotniks during intermission. It
reminded me of
Noises Off (which I loved, but this
isn't a comedy) with all the upstairs/downstairs door
slamming stuff. Historically interesting due to the
terrible way we treated all minorities before, during
and after WW II, and because the playwright (Philip
Kan Gotanda) is a local guy. Also that the story is
set on Fillmore Street in SF. But I could not bring
myself to really care about the characters, but again,
this is just me and I was quite tired last night and
could have been verging on "a mood". Oh oh.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

see space, fill space

Today I will share packing/travel tid-bits and seek
them too. Husbando hates the way I pack (messy)
and over the years we have (ahem) discussed this
way too much. He is methodical and usually ends
up removing everything from my suitcase and
stuffing strange things into my shoes as he folds
clothing into itty bitty little squares and rectangles.

Here is what I have learned, often the hard way,
about what to do before a trip:
  • photocopy passaporta
  • photocopy credit cards
  • take photo of suitcase(s) w/ dimensions
  • create a list in advance and rework it
  • make sure everything has been worn once or more and is comfortable
  • try to anticipate the first night & put that on top
  • address list or labels for post cards
  • pack extra plastic bags, little scissors, magnifying glass
  • one dressy scarf, no expensive jewelry
This last one is a huge joke, of course. I did not get
carpel tunnel and sciatica just from working on the
computer and carrying books around big boxes. I
am one of the "well, you never know..." kind of
travelers. My yoga teacher urged me purchase one of
those Travel Cubes®, but I'm not quite sure what
to put inside it. We'll see. And yes, I have the adaptor
and convertor ~ I hate those electrical fires.

As usual it's white and black for me, with blue jeans
and maybe one colorful camisole. I love camis.

Starting to check the weather ~ it's still cool in Italia.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

finally, the itinerary!

Thank you for your patience. Today I had lunch with
Dancing Jen and she put my mind at ease by telling
me how to buy and use a phone card to call Husbando
in the USA and not have to deal with Luigi-like
operators. Then when I came home there was an email
from one of the women with whom I'll be traveling.
She will wait for my plane in Florence as she arrives
an hour before me, if everything works. Her name
is Susan I and I believe she lives in Eureka, CA.

OK, here we go ~ only 10 more days!

Friday, April 6 Lufthansa SFO to Frankfurt #LHO455
departs 2pm, arrives Frankfurt 9:35 ~
Sat. 4/7 Lufthansa #LH4060 10:45 FRA to Florence
arrives 12:15 pm

Florence ~ Saturday, April 7 and 8 ~ Villino il Magnifico
Via Orcagna 24-26

Rome ~ Monday, April 9, 10, 11, 12 - Hotel Mozart
Via dei Greci 23 B

Pompeii - Thursday, April 12th, then back to Rome
for the night

Friday, April 13, 14, 15 ~ back to Florence
Villino il Magnifico

Monday, April 16,17,18, 19 ~ Venice
Westin Excelsior on Lido Isle

Friday, April 20 ~ back to Florence Villino il Magnifico

Saturday, April 21 ~ Lufthansa, Florence to Frankfurt 10am
#LH4059 arrives Frankfurt 11:40 and departs at 2pm.
Arrives SFO 4:24pm Sat. #LH9052.

Tomorrow ~ fretting about what to pack.

Monday, March 26, 2007

it restoreth my soul

I have to write Museum on my To Do list at work or
I don't make time to walk a few blocks to go to Moma
on my lunch hour. Today I finally went to the Picasso
as an Influence on American Artists exhibit and enjoyed
myself immensely. Lots of Jackson Pollock, John Jaspers,
de Kooning, even Andy Warhol. The Picasso pieces were
displayed next to the ones that were similar ~ extremely
well done. I need to do this more often, but that's what
I always say.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

gentle smiles abound

Richie Unterberger came to the big box this afternoon
and gave an outstanding presentation of music and
a slide show with lots of footage of The Beatles back
in the 60's. He has researched these four so thoroughly
and even mentioned things I would have never noticed.
For instance at one point in a concert Paul loses his
place and what made this group different from the very
beginning, was that they were having so much fun that
they never got flustered and always just kept playing
and singing. Four fresh-faced young men with unusual
talent and some plain old good luck, too. His book is
"The Unreleased Beatles".

We had a great audience of maybe 35 people. Everyone
was happy and one of our daily customers attended.
She is a woman in her 50's who is so glum (chum) and
a little difficult to please. We have "had words" in fact.
Today for the first time in almost 7 years she smiled.
I almost didn't recognize her ~ what a difference.
Even if we didn't sell one book, the event was a huge
success. Good job by the staff, too.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

don't know much about electricity

light in garage
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Here is one of our many new curlycue light bulbs. The garage doesn't seem as bright as before, but these things are definitely NOT harsh, much softer, as a matter of fact.

Gas is back to over $3.00 a gallon here in SF. I don't mind that a bit because I notice that our neighbors are shedding those horrid oversized SUVs and buying the Prius and other nice little cars. Our city streets are too narrow and too crowded for SUVs and maybe if I lived in Baskersfield they wouldn't bother me so much. Of course I would have died long ago from boredom, but let's save those thoughts for another post, shall we?

Friday, March 23, 2007

always carry a camera

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The other day I was walking on Folsom Street and here was this little car sitting on the sidewalk just like it belonged there. You can see the cord ~ it really is an electrical car, I guess they didn't kill them all. I believe it belongs to the City and I can just hear a staff member saying, "I'm just going to run home for a second and zap the Zapcar."

On this theme, Husbando has replaced almost every light bulb in our home with those curlycue things. They are just a bit dimmer, but are supposed to save a LOT of energy (and money).

My work day was less than perfect, Monday/Fridays always are.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

mighty magical day off with pay

ocean & sutro baths
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First, thank you GP for asking what I cooked last night! Husbando is convinced that my fried rice is better than any of the 5,063 Chinese Restaurants in SF. Perhaps that's because they don't make it with left over corned beef?

I was out here walking with Mollie this morning about 8:15 ~ glorious weather and a beautiful way to start the day. Then I had about two hours at home to avoid Luigi while I had more coconut ice cream. Then I met RR and the Blogmaid at the lovely little Central Park in San Mateo and we played pony and slid down some slides and gathered acorns. At almost 3.5, RR has a rich imagination and is such a happy little girl. Even though K reports that she has her moods, I have yet to witness anything but sweetness and perfection.

Tonight is our writing group and I had better get a cup of green tea and a quick nap now so I can sparkle tonight.

Oh, last night we watched "The Prestige" and we both liked "The Illusionist" better, but I believe we are in the minority here...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

reworking, redoing, relearning

Here is the correct (I hope) link for One Foot's blog.

And now for Linda's.

wowza ~ godzilla & I link up!

Now how long have I had this blog? Almost 2 years you
say? Well, with un milione sincere thanks to One Foot
I GOT it. I am using Firefox Browser rather than Safari
and I think that is a key. The other is that Un Piede sent
very clear instructions for which I am grateful. Of
course we'll see how I do after I send this post to Publish.

Brian Copeland was wonderful last night ~ not as big
of a crowd as I had hoped for, but that is often the case.
We sold a few books and those who attended had
a fine time. Only two crazies, both women (I think).

It's sunny again and we had lunch outside at this (here
I go again) perfectly delightful Florida Street Cafe.
It's located at 19th and Florida and is a training school
as you can easily tell from the handy blue (red?) link. Very
reasonable prices (two for $20). Lovely weather
today and I need a walk. Yoga calmed my savage
spirit this morning and I'm actually cooking (!) tonight.

Check out the stages of computer emotions in this
fine blog by Linda. I am finally out of the anger stage!
(Well, OK, only one link really works, but the concept
is what counts and there is always domani.)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

molto, molto bene!

That's what la maestra wrote on my homework from the previous week.
Isn't it amusing that we are all (I assume) still grade schoolers at
heart, seeking our teacher's approval? It was a fine class and we
worked on words and phrases for securing our hotel rooms (una
camera con bagno e vista, per piacere) and just a few of those
tedious verbs and numbers.

Came home to some Mitchell's coconut ice cream, a bubble bath
and "The Riches", episode 2. Ottimo! (Excellent!)

Tonight is the Brian Copeland event at 7pm. In an email he said
that he mentioned it on his Sunday radio show on KGO and that
will help a lot. I am not feeling as responsible as sometimes, so
we'll just see how it goes.

Light rain this morning ~ two days off a domani. Molto grazie.

Monday, March 19, 2007

the eternal city

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This is our hotel in Roma. I've just been futzing around on the internet while Luigi natters away with his endless enthusiasm. I don't have to be at work until 11am, but once I start on this "let's look here and here" on the internet, I'll be in a state about being late. So I will post and scamper.

The Hotel Mozart is en Via del Greci, right in the heart of things. It's (of course) overpriced, but remember we said we weren't going to worry about those silly things on this trip, didn't we? I like looking at others' photos of their travels in Italy on Flickr®, but of course I'm puzzled that one would need pics from inside their rental car. Like all my photos make perfect sense. Now how many cats in the coliseum? Oh, there's a tabby, and one that looks like Uncle Junior and Josie....

Sunday, March 18, 2007

everything that has been said ~ and more!

You remember that this was our Personal Best for a ticket price, right?
$99.00 each. I bought these tix back in December, I think. Well, anyway,
our seats were way up in the Mezz and I muttered, "oh oh", and even
things more dramatic than that when we walked up the steps. Will
we be able to see and hear? Was this a huge waste of money?

Well, TGP the so right when he gave this his rare 5 star review. It is a
fabulous show (and I don't particularly like "musicals") with superb
music and elaborate staging. We could see/hear everything ~ really
it was a thrill for everyone (I betcha) in the audience, including this
caustic and jaded woman of retail. Go ahead, splurge on the Jersey
Boys, you won't regret it!

There was a lot of stomach flu today after the St. Pat's celebrations
last night, in fact I'm going to go back in for 3 hours later to help
a fellow manager close the big box. He would do the same for me
and I can use this little act of supreme generousity to garner
favors in the future from Bossman and others.

Now to listen to the CD again ~ "Dawn Go Away..."

Saturday, March 17, 2007

doltdom revisited

Well, well, well ~ maybe this will work. I usually just send the photo
directly from Flickr®, but they don't seem to want me to send two.

I was up early (too early) fretting about this computer (for the 8,344
time in my life) and knew somehow I could get this to work. Thanks
GPnik. Re links, I used to be able to add this magical touch when I
sent emails to commano, but that feature seems to be causing me
problems and I haven't been able to figure out WTF is wrong. So
this will work for now, I think. Molte grazie!

My Dream Trip begins on Friday, April 6, and I return home on the
21st. On my list of To Dos is the Itinerary which I will post here.
I land in Firenze about the same time as two other women (both
strangers to me) and maybe we can hook up and share a taxi to
our B&B. At which point I will look the receptionist straight in the
eye and say, "Buongiorno, dove il computer?" That will be on
Saturday, in the afternoon. But I'm wearing the watch....

Friday, March 16, 2007

jonathan's latest!

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Of course this appears when I don't have a moment to floss my teeth, let alone work with Luigi. It has a great beginning, however, and isn't that when most of us get hooked on a book? I'll read it when I return from the Dream Trip.

one of my top ten faves

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Many moons ago the Salon Mistressnik asked for a list of my favorite books. I had a grand plan (and even a file on my desktop, somewhere!) to jot these down, but so far no go. But this book is definitely one of my very favorites and now the author has a new one that I was perusing today at the big box when I should have been kicking a customer awake. The young 'uns love when I do that.

Because I am a dolt and can't figure out how to include two photos in one post, even though everyone in the entire blogging world can do this, I will send you another photo of the new book under separate cover.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

are those green gnats?

st. pat's
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No, silly, those are itty bitty glittering shamrocks on the Saint's table. We had a delightful time at our dinner party and Roberts corned beef was the best ever. We love our friends and their many idiosyncrasies ~ not one would ever be considered wishy-washy so as a result strong opinions bounced across the table and rolled out into the street. Topics discussed:
1) stairs
2) SF real estate
3) rest of the world real estate
4) the DeYoung museum (2 guests hate it)
5) license plates and the DMV
6) keys that fit into assorted look-alike cars
7) Germany
8) Italy
9) Oslo, Norway
10) South Africa
11) religion (always, errrr, controversial)
12) passover (ditto)
13) Husbando's white sauce
14) Mitchell's ice cream
15) children when they realize they have to go find a job

The house is back in order today and I even went to the big box for a few hours to take care of a money project. Now to nap...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

heart over head and heels

from neti's deck
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I believe this is the view that caused me to fall permanently, overwhelmingly and sometimes irrationally in love with San Francisco. I was living with pre-Husbando in New Jersey and came to visit our friends N & F way back when there were no traffic jams, cracked crab cost about $2 each and we all were ruled by our hearts and never our heads. Try to imagine this view at night with a million sparkly lights and the glow of alcohol and youth.

Yesterday I watched the fog roll in a little from N's home in Twin Peaks as I helped with her computer issues. I always stop for a moment and try to remember how I felt when I saw this the first time. My God.

The rest of the day was spent in a Mrs. O'Dalloway sort of running around tasking and arranging flowers, etc, but I felt relaxed and productive and looking forward to entertaining friends tonight. I'm glad it is not as warm today because our AC is on the fritz. (That is a SF only kind of joke ~ are you smiling?)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

eddie, minnie, luigi and brian

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I have a lot to cover this morning before my official day of errands and tasks begins. Let's start with our calendars, if you please.
Brian Copeland
to discuss and sign
"Not a Genuine Black Man"
Tuesday, March 20
(one week away)
Borders Union Square

Only 6 of us in Italian class last night, so that meant she called on us more and my poor mind is still feeling overwhelmed this morning. We are getting a lot of practice on asking for directions and no one needs to worry that I'll be getting lost in Italia. La maestra also had us asking each other what time it is/was/will be and at one point I snapped, "I plan to wear a watch" and I tapped emphatically
at the one with large black numbers on my right wrist.

Eddie Izzard has appeared several times in our big box and Husbando and I have become fans, renting his DVDs and chuckling with appreciation at his genius. Well, he is now on FOX tv along with Minnie Driver (also quite wonderful) in the new series entitled "The Riches". Eddie has lost his English accent for this juicy role as a complicated con man. We watched the first episode last night and it's a winner. Check out Tim Goodman's review in the chronny REVIEW / Grifting clan lives large in 'The Riches'

OK, off to Costco and Roberts and Beyond. It's hot here again, imagine!

Monday, March 12, 2007

inspired again!

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Last night we both enjoyed this documentary from the Flix®. One of my all-time favorite tunes (still can bring a tear to my eye) is "Goodbye Earl" and the Dixie Chicks belted out a little of this last night as they battled for freedom of speech after Natalie had the audacity to criticize our president during a concert in London, back when this disgusting invasion of Iraq first started. I love these tough young women with their southern accents ~ traveling in the big pink trailer with their husbands and kids. I know their new CD sells v. well at the big box and I might have to pick one up today to show my support. The DVD is entitled "Shut Up and Sing", but you knew that.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I couldn't help myself

great reviews!
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When I first started working at the B&N big box about 10 (?) years ago, I spent waaaaaay too much money on books. Money we did not have at the time, by the way. I learned to use the book loan program and to resist temptation, for the most part, anyway.

Currently our mortar and brick big box has a freeze on book loans because we are facing inventory in a few weeks. But I had to have this book ~ the reviews have been fabulous and one of my favorite customers read it and raved. What's a woman to do?

The book is a mystery about a young expat writer who goes to work for an old expat writer who is more than eccentric. As you might have guessed, it all takes place in Venice, Italy. I figure that after I finish it I can give it to one or all of my traveling companions.

Isn't the cover super kick ass? (I heard one of our booksellers use that literary term today.) "The Lying Tongue" by Andrew Wilson.

Saturday, March 10, 2007 see us safe to bed

A train
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OK, get on the phone and call 415-677-9596 and go see Jesus Hopped the A Train at the SF Playhourse at 588 Sutter St. at Powell. This is some fine, fine acting and an impressive script by Stephen Adly Guirgis who also wrote Our Lady of 121st Street which we thoroughly enjoyed last year. If you want to check online:

When we went to our first SF Playhouse play (Art) about two years ago, there were about 6 of us in the audience. Today it was sold out, SRO. That pleases us immensely as this small theatre group deserves all the success it has earned.

Friday, March 09, 2007

three lunches and one dinner

I need to talk about the four different restaurants we went to on my
weekend. Just in case I ever need to look back and see what we
did on March 6,7, and 8 of 2007.

1) Ty Cobb salads at the Connecticut Yankee on Potrero Hill
2) salmon in a calzone pocket at Il Fornio in Corte Madera
3) dim sum at the Imperial Palace on San Bruno
4) exquisite thin crust pizza at Caffe Vogalonga

The best was Vogalonga at 22nd and Valencia ~ an authentic
(I think) Italian restaurant where the waiter suggested we
try the racket of lamb. I was tempted, but the pizza had the
thinnest crust this side of Pazzia.

All my blogging friends are writing about food today, so I thought
I'd jump right in and add my sizzling garlic. I often wonder how I
would live in a city that didn't offer so many, many choices.

We started the weekend at Roberts on Bryant Street ~ talking
corned beef with the owner who doesn't give a damn about
customer service. That's fine with us ~ we're more interested
in the product anyway. We'll discuss corned beef more next week....

Thursday, March 08, 2007

from an '05 round robin write

women (should) rule
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I became a feminist when I was in my early thirties and my admiration for strong
women grows and grows. I do admit to feeling a little flabbergasted when
I see young women in 6" heels and tarts-in-training fashions, but I
know if push came to shove, if abortions were criminalized again and
men started making lots more money than women, these well-educated
and successful ultra-frilly girls would sharpen their nails and get to
work. No way are we going to back track to be the weak and dependent
sex ever again.

So I will say the names of the women I admire so much:

Gloria Steinem
Letty Cottin Pogrebin
Betty Freidan
Andrea Dworkin
Bella Abzug
Susan B. Anthony
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Maya Angelou
Margaret Sanger
...and so many others (famous and not so)

Do any of us realize how much ridicule these women had to put up with?
Men always wanted the whole thing to be a joke and go quietly away.
I believe that the goal of the conservative movement is to put wives
back in the home doing exactly what the husbands tell them to do.
They had it so good back then and they knew it.

So let's hear it for the brave feminists who advanced the cause for all
of us and to whom we owe so much today.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

the grandest of all canals

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I'm guessing that Venice (like NYC and SF) is small in size, large in diversity and culture. For months I've been reading "The City of Falling Angels" by John Berendt. You know him as the author of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", so of course it's extremely well written. But lately I'm reading it with greater intensity and am impressed by the number of characters from all over who came to Venice to create and interract with other artists. Ezra Pound, Henry James, Robert Browning ~ just to name a few.

"Wings of the Dove", written by Henry James, is mentioned in the book. We rented the movie and I certainly recommend it for the luscious scenes of Venice alone. The story is OK, the acting sort of bland, but lordy ~ the Grand Canal, the cafes, St. Mark's, endless narrow streets, boats...what an odd place it will be. Imgaine never worrying about cars, car alarms, horns or parking. Not that Venice doesn't have a few its own concerns, as we all know.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

como si dice OCD en italia?

prep work
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Friends have been sending me articles for the trip, so I decided to purchase these zip-up folders at the big box. One for each city: Firenze, Roma and Venezia ~ plus an extra one just because. They will be handy to keep all the notes and papers that I gather over there too. You see that I am fond of the Streetwise series of maps and I won't have to spend time trying to fold one in a rain storm.

The bag is in the hallway because it is now officially one month until the departure date. If you are very well behaved, you might get a photo of the bag this week too. I have a few items of clothing, the plane ticket, 3 books and Euros in there. Planning is so much a part of the joy of travel, isn't it?

This afternoon we watched "Wings of the Dove" and I will review it soon, maybe domani.

Monday, March 05, 2007

nove a la scuola

Yes, the same 9 students as last week! I think Luigi helped me and
I felt a bit better this week and actually answered some questions
without waiting for la maestra to point to me. I did ask about internet
cafes and then we discussed (in English, thank God) those peculiar
Italian keyboards which Dancing Jen complained about when she
traveled there almost two years ago. Well, I'll just deal with it, and
no one will point out all my errors, I'm sure.

The rest of the day was all work and no play, except maybe a little
constructive work gossip now and then. I helped with two interviews
and for the first time in a long time we are maxed out on payroll,
meaning no more interviewing and subsequent paperwork for a
week or two. I've started working on reviews because I want to
get all 22 of them written and delivered before I leave for Italia.
No easy task.

But, hooray ~ I'm taking a personal day tomorrow, so I have three
off in a row and I can regain my equilibrium. We have writing group
Thursday night and I need to put fingers to this American keyboard
and come up with SOMETHING. It is late (for me).

Sunday, March 04, 2007

what is so rare as a sunday brunch?

brunch @ green's
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I was able to leave the big box at noon today and we met our friends Steve and Marita here at Green's ~ you can see the Golden Gate Bridge in the far background. We haven't been here in years and I didn't think the food was as good as I remembered, but the place was packed and of course it is such a beautiful setting that this didn't matter too much to us.

Then we headed over to the Magic to see "Bot", one of the Hot House brand new plays, and I do want to mention the young man (Jonathan Rosen) who is a high school senior and one terrific actor. Today almost felt like a REAL Sunday to me and the city was quiet and strangely traffic-free. Weird.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

a quick recommendation

a quick recommendation
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I have been leafing through this book by Francine Prose, in between my deep and marvelous moments with Luigi and Rick Steves. Here from page 23 of "Reading Like a Writer".

"Alice Munro writes with the simplicity and beauty of a Shaker box. Everything about her style is meant to attract no notice, to make you not pay attention. But if you read her work closely, every word challenges you to think of a more direct, less fussy or tarted-up way to say what she is saying."

Prose writes that we all start as slow readers, but now we tend to skim. She finds that if she copies an entire graph from a talented author, her own writing becomes more fluid. Something to think about on a Saturday morning. Now, to get ready for my other life...

Friday, March 02, 2007

a sight tourists never see

The last time I was the closing manager at the big box, I witnessed this
wonderful scene. It was about midnight and the garbage men were
using the cable car tracks to send those big garbage cans sliding all
the way downhill on Powell Street, from Sutter to the truck waiting at Post.
"All right", I said a little too loudly. What a sight.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

the house of the tragic poet

for your consideration
Originally uploaded by the omster.
That's in Pompeii ~ I'll be there on April 12th. Our tour guide (Ginger of Summerland) called me last night, she's not one for the electronica posta, so I have a bunch of scribbled notes and will build myself a scratchy little itinerary to share with you all at a later date. I spent some more quality time with Luigi (sheesh, his enthusiasm wears me down!) today and then I had homework to do for class next Monday night. I need a 7 letter word for "where to find a town plan", second letter is "e". In Italian, needless to say. Now I discover that Linda is more than learned in this, my new 2nd language, I'll have to be extra careful here in this blog.

We had lunch at Westlake Joe's, then watched this movie pictured above. Not as good as the others, but amusing, sort of. Oh, and I bought the converter at Radio Shack, one less item to fuss about on my list.