Wednesday, April 30, 2014

tuesday morning coffee

I was about an hour early for work yesterday at the Legion of Honor, so I
spread out my coffee, reading material, iPhone, etc. on the best view bench
ever created and enjoyed this me time more than I can tell you. Not too cool,
not too hot - perfection.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

pay attention

a neighbor's yard

latte time - Valencia Street

a school on Valencia Street
24th Street - almost at Mission (grrrrrr)

our own painted ladies on Folsom Street
I hadn't had a long nabe walk for ages and I can't think of a better way to
stay in the moment than to take my iPhone, LindaKindle2, comfy shoes
and "oooooh look at that" attitude on such a bright, sunny day. It's been
Spring here since November, but now all sorts of flowers are blooming
and since I'm walking in Paris with the wonderful book that SBC sent me,
I thought I'd take two walks on the same day. Some quiet pleasure - much needed.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

kudos to coffee

(not great poetry, but it is the TRUTH for me, by Marge Piercy)
In praise of joe 

I love you hot
I love you iced and in a pinch
I will even consume you tepid.

Dark brown as wet bark of an apple tree,
dark as the waters flowing out of a spooky swamp
rich with tannin and smelling of thick life -

but you have your own scent that even
rising as steam kicks my brain into gear.
I drink you rancid out of vending machines,

I drink you at coffee bars for $6 a hit,
I drink you dribbling down my chin from a thermos
in cars, in stadiums, on the moonwashed beach.

Mornings you go off in my mouth like an electric
siren, radiating to my fingertips and toes.
You rattle my spine and buzz in my brain.

Whether latte, cappuccino, black or Greek
you keep me cooking, you keep me on line.
Without you, I would never get out of bed

but spend my life pressing the snooze
button. I would creep through wan days
in the form of a large shiny slug.

You waken in me the gift of speech when I
am dumb as a rock buried in damp earth.
It is you who make me human every dawn.
All my books are written with your ink.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

should we?

This is a 2013 tomato from our backyard. Gorgeous. We've been having
heavy marital discussions on whether or not we should plant our Early
Girls soon, or forget them this season due to the drought. But then, like
a message from on high, it rained yesterday - and a good rain it was. So
soon we'll be planting our 2014 crop. Whew.

Friday, April 25, 2014

high in the Berkeley hills

Pamela and Flora

view of the fog over Frisco
Lucy, Flora and I drove over to Pamela's for a warm and wonderful lunch
yesterday. She had the fireplace going and we talked of many things. I was
so pleased with the GPS because this is not an easy place to find - I don't
use the thing very often, but when I need it, hoooooooray! Lucy is planning
to move back to Indiana with her husband and 9 month old Flora, so I am
gearing up for another goodbye. You know by now that I'm not too good
with those.

On the other hand, Carlini is returning to the Bay Area (probably Walnut
Creek) and this is just plain GREAT news.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

these bad Irish boys

"Let's go to Dublin," one spouse will say to another almost every night
when we are home. Love/Hate is all about the Irish underground and
even though they sell drugs and kill each other and innocent people
too, there is just something about this show. Great acting, wonderful
scenes of Dublin and so easy to stream from the Flix®. Plus, it gives
me something to talk about to our Irish tourists at the museums - over
there they are hooked and beginning their 5th season on the telly.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

the apple is red and it's free!

A woman at work is studying Portuguese on DuoLingo, so last night I
downloaded the app on my MsminiPad and am already fracturing French.
It has this microphone thing and whoever is listening will sometimes
reject my pronunciation (the nerve), but I love the graphics and the
way it is set up and I hope Dancing Jen is reading this today. I keep
telling her that I don't want to embarrass her in Paris, so now I will be
able to order red apples (one at a time) in any arrondiseement where
we might be lost (perdu - I think, I'm not there yet). What an app(le)!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

kittens behind bars

It's the beginning of kitten season and they keep a few on display out in
the lobby at the SPCA. I just go in and say, "hello, goodbye," because
they will be adopted out by the end of the day. These four are temporarily
named after our bullpen: Romo, Casilla, Mitchi, etc.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Carlini on Easter

As promised, I took our out-of-town (Philly) guest to the top of Folsom
Street and then we settled down to ham and scalloped potatoes and lots
of laughter. We have known Rich Carlini for more than 25 years and in
that time he has moved about 10 or 12 times, all across the country. He
was an army brat and continues to have this nomadic need. Of course the
last winter in Philly was beyond horrible, so he is ready for another
move. Back to California? We'll see...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

a blue Easter

The video didn't work, you are stuck with the table
again. On YouTube check out "Scottie Pinwheel" for
a fun video and I'll try another video after checking
with my IT people.

SPCA humor

I've not "done" a video on da blog before, so let's hope this works. I wish
you all a Happy Easter and we are looking forward to a ham dinner here
with our friend Carlini from Philly.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

it was a very Good Friday

my city by the bay

my friend on the bay

a ball of wood

inviting store display in Larkspur
Imagine - a trip across the Bay and back for $10. Yesterday I met Ginger
down at the Ferry Plaza and she said, "Want to go to Larkspur?" So off
we went and it was such a beautiful ride and in 1/2 hour we were having
coffee at Larkspur Landing. My, that place has changed from 20 years ago -
now it's all restaurants with lots of outdoor seating space and a few chi
chi shops. We imagined how nice it would be to commute from there every
day and then we had lunch at the Rustic Bakery and were back in SF
before 2:30. Good to have some time with Ginger, we always have so much
to discuss - women friends rock.

Friday, April 18, 2014

a day at the jewel

cha cha bowl

glorious weather

Char and Sally
Doug, Blogger, Frank
The Giants lost so Doug was happy. It was a delightful time in the sun.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

LOH conquers exhaustion

new Salon Doré

looking out the front of the Legion

My lunch spot
It was NOT a crazy day at the Legion of Honor yesterday, thankfully, so I
had lots of art breaks (and gossip sessions) which I desperately needed after
that bout with insomnia. Then last night the Giants won early (thank you!)
and I slept like the very weary woman I was. Feeling great today for in-
person baseball - first game of the season!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

hey, peeps!

I know it's difficult to fathom, but the already perfect Peeps® are even
better this year. Chocolate! Thanks to the Blogmaid for this much
needed Spring treat...just when I needed it most.

Last night the Giants didn't win until midnight and I am pissed off and
exhausted. We are in for another season of one run torture games, or
so it seems at this early stage. I'd like to win 12 to 0 in the 9th inning, OK?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

another special Seder

I meant to get a photo of Doug and Barb's daughter, Bron, who joined us
this year, but I got too involved with the Jews and the Egyptians, not to
mention all the delicious food. Above we have Bron's friend Lilly, then
Sam and Chef Sarah. Another new addition is the orange which we learned
represents WOMEN rabbis. It was good gathering together again and I
know how much work is involved and we are grateful to be included in
this festive event every year.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Open Book

Time was, your hands were on me night and day.
(The thrill along my spine!) Of course I flipped
for you, from A to Z and back to A,
not once suspecting our romantic script
was doomed (and how), you fickle, shallow fool.
You've traded everything you shared with me—
defining moments, leisurely, old school—
for quickies with your laptop, your PC,
your iPad, iPhone, iDon't-Give-a-Damn:
amid their breathless litany of news,
blogs, tweets, directions, recipes and spam,
they will, at any moment that you choose,
look up a word (or dozens!) in a flash.
Well, here's a definition I find merry:
Comeuppance (noun): when all your gadgets crash,
and you crawl back to me—your dictionary.

Melissa Balmain

Walking in on People
Able Muse Press

Sunday, April 13, 2014

not easy, not fun

The Book Thief is finally out on DVD and we were looking forward
to seeing Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson as the adoptive parents of
Liesel who loves to read. It's a rough story with those damn Nazis
and we were exhausted when it was finally over. I can't really recommend
this film, sorry to say.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

oh, I get it...

Since I ordered this on my LindaKindle2 I thought the BARK title must
be about dogs and now I see that Ms. Moore is talking about tree bark.
No wonder people have trouble learning English. In any event, this is
fabulous and each short story is an absolute jewel.

Friday, April 11, 2014

how do you spell gorgeous?

Doesn't RR look like one of those Town & Country beauties here? She is
riding Derby and they are having a splendid time. The Blogmaid has such
camera talent and this photo in her email last night helps me set the world
back correctly on its axes. For some reason lots of sadness lately - too
many goodbyes, friends hurting, family member in hospital (but out soon)
and now the fog is back every morning. I thought we had outgrown that!
Anyway, RR and Derby cheered me right up, thanks Blogmaid.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

your latte loving blogger

I've been wanting to try the Stable Cafe for about a year and finally
wandered in this week to test the lattes. Very pleasant - it's on Folsom
near 20th (or so) and since we had just watched "Silicon Valley" on
HBO last Sunday night, I thought for a while that maybe I was sitting
with the cast and crew of that funny program. Yes, these dudes do speak
a different language, but that's OK, the setting is delightful.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

and another surprise!

Dancing Jen, my travel partner, dropped Paris Letters into my much-
loved LindaKindle2. I also now have my laminated Streetwise Paris
map and the 2014 Rick Steves' Paris book right here on my desk, so
it is all looking very positive and I can do some research as I noodle
around down here in my office.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

a day to celebrate

Alas, I have to work, but we have such wonderful memories of past
Opening Days and all the fun and excitement. It is gorgeous weather
here in SF, more like summer than spring, and the Jewel will be rocking.
Go Giants and I'll see you next week.

Monday, April 07, 2014

walkin' and talkin'

view from Sutro Park (Cliff House in foreground)

goodbye dear Tanya and Ruby
Husbando and I had a delightful Sunday morning walk down by the sea - what
glorious weather we are having. Then I had my official Goodbye Tanya
Time and that was not easy, the tears flowed. Ruby feels the stress of the
move, but she was able to run a lot of it off at the playground in Holly Park
and I admired how quickly she has learned to master the various swings
and things, even climbing ladders. Honestly, she reminded me of when we
had Sidney, the Jewish Irish Setter, who just had to run every day, or else...

Sunday, April 06, 2014

on my way to work

It's been some time since I've had the time (and weather) to just sit at
Stow Lake while I drink my coffee and read the New Yorker. Heaven.
And since the rain it seems like all sorts of flowers have emerged in
Golden Gate Park. My next goal is to arrive early enough to visit the
Japanese Tea Garden, it is right next to the deYoung and now it's on my List.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

the eye of the shark

This is an unusual (and v. expensive) home on the utmost top of Folsom Street
here in Bernal. I love the two blue chairs on the  highest deck - what a view.
You probably can't see the shark teeth, but they represent the SF skyline.
From what I've read, the home owners gave the artist free range and I think
the result is spectacular and we've put this on our To Do List for out-of-town
visitors. At this point there are no homes behind this house, just Bernal Hill
and so far the 3,557 dogs (daily) love the scene.

Friday, April 04, 2014

such a happy surprise!

Thank you to my dear friend, Susan, for depositing this glorious Paris
walking book on my LindaKindle2. Here's a line, "Paris belongs to
the pedestrians, one goes naturally on foot - it's only on foot that one
discovers its richness and variety." I am already loving this book and
I thank you sincerely ~ it will be used often before I go and even more
while we are there. A treasure!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Venus in Fur

We both liked this battle-of-the-sexes play at ACT yesterday. It's only
90 minutes so if one doesn't quite understand masochism (me), one
can still enjoy the dialogue between Vanda (Brenda Meaney) and
Thomas (Henry Clarke). The novel (1870) is updated cleverly to include
cell phones, some clever current slang words and that horrid striped
bag lady bag in the background.

But first we met Ginger for her post-Paris news and too much food at
Lefty's. Always a highlight!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

back to books (and baseball)

I had to give up on the Jonathan Lethem book, but I am enjoying this
new Anna Quindlen novel on my LindaKindle2. Still Life with Bread
Crumbs is about a successful 60 year old photographer who leaves
NYC for a year to live in the country and recharge her batteries and
lick her wounds. Yes, I am recommending it.

Now, baseball. The new replay rule worked against our less-than-perfect
Giants last night. Honestly, our pitching wasn't so hot either. And it
would help if they would hit the ball instead of striking out. Ahhhhh,
so nice to have baseball back in our lives. Focus.