Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a touch of orange

Her name is Carpool and she is just one year old. I think she'd be an
interesting addition to almost any home, don't you? There are some
adorable new puppies too, but by now we know that they move too
quickly to photograph. Not so with cats, of course.

In the afternoon I forced myself to the 24 Hour Fitness LITE and
felt better (in a smug sort of way) afterward. I do think it helps with
the sleep issues. Another beautiful day here in SF ~ lucky us.

Monday, April 29, 2013

internal strength, external talent

Harrison Ford becomes Branch Rickey who hires #42 Jackie Robinson in
1947. I am forced to say NICE things about the Dodgers here, for their
courage, but they were still in New York then. This is a wonderful movie
and we both loved it and enjoyed seeing all the action on the big screen
with lots of popcorn and (for me) two Kleenex®. Go see this, be inspired!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

SF literati

Blonde Bombshell and Chef Pickle

Writers gather with food and drink

Chef Pickle wows the audience!
What a nice time we all had at the Writing Salon gathering last night at
Progressive Cafe on Bryant and 21st. I read last and by then I was v.
nervous, but everyone was so supportive that I was glad I did this thing.
Congrats to Jane for all her work getting us all together for such a
pleasant evening.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

outside my window

This is an old daily write that I read for Tiapos last Thursday night.

It's still dark out but I see a pink haze which means, yes folks, the sun will
come up again today. We have this spectacular view and I can see that the
city, my city, is not yet awake. No lights to speak of, except the occasional
glowing window or street lamp.

Remember all those mornings when I had to open the downtown Borders
store at 6am? God, how did I do it? Up at 4am, a little computer work,
fix my lunch, eat breakfast and out of here. I'd get to leave work at 3:30pm
and everyone would say, "Going home? Oh, lucky you." I tried not to
snap at them, but that so pissed me off. Exhausted every night and in
bed shortly after 8pm. I think of it as the 401(k) time because those eight
years were when I concentrated on building up our retirement funds.

Today I work part time and I don't have to be out at the Legion of Honor
until 9:30. And yet it will be a rush and I consider it a huge imposition.
Work disrupts my schedule of daily newspaper reading, noodling
around on the computer, coffee drinking, walking, gardening,
puttering and looking out my window at the San Francisco skyline.



Friday, April 26, 2013

watching us

This noble guy (crane?) was out at Crissy Field yesterday and I think he was
waiting for the sun to come out. In the meantime, the foggy walk with Ginger
was splendid and we had a delightful time at our favorite outdoor spot.
Last night was Tiapos and that was also very special. Today is (what?) work...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'll be reading...

You're Invited: Saturday Night Writer’s Special –

Next Reading: April 27th

We hope you can make it!

Time: Saturday, April 27th, 6 to 8 p.m.
Location: Progressive Grounds Cafe, corner of 21st and
Bryant streets, San Francisco Mission District
Cost: Free (but donations gratefully accepted)
Theme: “FOOD”

(Need I mention that I'm already nervous?)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

on my Lindakindle®

This novel recently won the Pulitzer and I've hard a lot about The Orphan
Master's Son for some time now. It's a novel that takes place in North Korea
and that is certainly timely, isn't it? So far, so good...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

appreciating April


It was a sixteen-inch ling cod that the eagle
dropped near our feet
at the top of Bagley Creek canyon,
at the edge of the green woods.
Puncture marks in the sides of the fish
where the bird gripped with its talons!
That and a piece torn out of the fish's back.
Like an old painting recalled,
or an ancient memory coming back,
that eagle flew with the fish from the Strait
of Juan de Fuca up the canyon to where
the woods begin, and we stood watching.
It lost the fish above our heads,
dropped for it, missed it, and soared on
over the valley where wind beats all day.
We watched it keep going until it was
a speck, then gone. I picked up
the fish. That miraculous ling cod.
Came home from the walk and—
why the hell not?—cooked it
lightly in oil and ate it
with boiled potatoes and peas and biscuits.
Over dinner, talking about eagles
and an older, fiercer order of things.

~ Raymond Carver

(I've been so busy with my garden, pesky knees, books, husband and friends that I
haven't acknowledged that it's Poetry Month. I get some treasures in my email
folder every April. This is a new one to me. Mr. Carver was one of the best...)

Monday, April 22, 2013

knee-saving device

Behold the kneeling bench (Amazon ~ $40) which allows a person with knee
issues to weed and garden without too many groans or complaints. I spent
a few happy hours in the warm sunshine yesterday, listening to our Giants
win and pulling some stubborn weeds. A great invention, why did it take me
so long to discover it?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

my friend Linda

This is a glorious children's book by Linda Davick. She wrote and illustrated
it and you can buy I Love You, Nose! on Amazon.com. Lucky, adorable Ruby
already has her copy, but every child under (say, seven?) will want one.
Great job, dear Linda...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

two new SF places


Thanks to the Ducknik, I'm going to join the 24 Hour Fitness LITE on
24th Street in Noe Valley. A little cardio and a few other machines ~ best of
all, the customers were not young and beautiful, they were older but in
good shape. And no "lifetime" membership, it's month-by-month.

I did a little computer work (ahem) for Neti and she took me to lunch here
at Noeteca on 28th and Dolores. Quite nice indeed, and I'll be back.

Finished Benediction (wonderful) and started The Orphan Master's Son
in between TV watching of the Boston chase of Suspect #2. I had such a
fine three days off and accomplished almost everything on the ToDo List.
Back to the deYoung today, off tomorrow, thank goodness.

Friday, April 19, 2013

as promised...

Here's the newly flowered-up back deck. If I remember to water every day, it
should last until the Fall. Note all this sunshine, the best weather year ever
here in SF. One could even have lunch outside.

I don't mean to ignore the Boston Marathon bombing, but there is not much
to say. Just puzzlement. Last night I listened to too much radio as they
chased the brothers. Next they'll get their computers and try to figure out why
they hated this country so much. I will say that President Obama is one fine
public speaker, it's just so sad that he has to attend so many memorials. No
wonder he has aged 20 years since 2008.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

time to garden!

Flora Grubb on Jerrold Ave,

Flowercraft cat-in-a-box
We went to two garden stores yesterday. Flora Grubb is huge and includes a
coffee stand and lots of chairs so you can sit and appreciate all the plants
and the beauty of the place. It's heavy on succulents so I did all my plant
purchasing at Flowercraft on Bayshore. If you are all well-behaved I will
show you some of the flowery results here at Casa Verde. Now be patient...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

best novel this year?

Oh, my ~ this is a winner. Read it on your Lindakindle® or iPad or even hard
cover, it is soooooo terrific. Not just the words, but how Kent Haruf unravels
the plot, a little bit at a time. Benediction is fabulous, read it...

Monday, April 15, 2013

invisible people

Last night my date was Barb (aka the Duck) and we both enjoyed (if that's the
right word) this ACT production that really was exactly like an opera. It
was a solid one act of music, some sad and too few happy, about the life of an
undocumented immigrant in NYC. It's based on the true story of a Chinese
bicycle deliveryman who was trapped in an elevator for 81 hours, no
food or drink, only memories and overwhelming fear of the INS. Five
very talented actors/singers, especially Julius Ahn who was the lead in
Stuck Elevator. A timely play, what with the current immigration discussion
in our nation's capitol.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

girls galore

Doesn't this photo just make you smile and feel all good inside? It's from my
friend the Blogmaid who loves all things American Girls. Her daughter (RR)
loves all things horses, but she is a good sport about helping her mama with
the collection. Ever since I've known the Blogmaid she has been infatuated with
these dolls and it certainly is a GREAT and easy way to study history. I visited
the AG store in Chicago a few years back and now there is one in L.A. and
soon our own Stanford Shopping Center. They are such smart merchants.

Husbando continues to improve. This morning he walked by himself (!) around
the nabe (with his walking poles of course) and his energy level is coming back
quickly. He fixed dinner for me last night because I worked out at the deYoung.
So it's all good here at Casa Verde.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013

lunch with good friends

I met Plottie and Duck at the Pig and Pie up on 24th Street yesterday ~ they
wanted to take care of the caregiver and I so appreciated that. My dish was
the scrumptious pork shoulder and white beans and then we had unbelievable
pie for dessert. They sent me home with lemon pie for Husbando too, and we
devoured that last night. He continues to heal and we head to the knee doctor
in about an hour and then I must get in the garden and weed and ruin my
own knees some more.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

ten zip

Entering sacred ground
My teammates

Where's Dodger Doug?

Remembering The Shooter R.I.P. #47
Last year the Giants lost every game I attended, but yesterday they had a nice
10 to 0 romp all over the Rockies. I accepted this graciously. Ginger, Frank and
I cooked in the hot sun and had a very wonderful time talking about baseball and
other less important things. What a day! And Husbando is healing and was a
tad envious of our good fortune. Zito was Zen-like extra special.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

more than a pretty face

Last night Dancing Jen was my date for this provocative play and we had such
a great time that when she asked me about "the blog review" for today I
almost forgot my duties to you, my readers.  First we had dinner at what used
to be known as Persimmon and is now j.tu on Sutter Street. Sweet of Jen to
treat as we covered all the news of our many friends and acquaintances from
our days at Borders. So good to catch-up.

Now, the SF Playhouse did a fine job with reasons to be pretty by Neil Labute.
Four young actors explore their assorted relationships. It's sad and funny and
seemed to me to be very true to life. No pat answers to anything. It's all so
complicated, this living business, trying to get along with each other and yet
wanting more somehow. Terrific acting, especially Craig Marker ~ his scene
in right or left field of the baseball diamond is unbelievable and really, he
deserves some sort of award for that. But loud applause to all four actors and
the the playwright and director (Susi Damilano) too.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Monday, as usual

the basics

Hank Williams

a tangle of 3 puppies
Husbando is healing quickly and was able to fix his own lunch, so I felt fine
going to the SPCA. I have learned that it's always Puppy Season, but kittens
only arrive during the summer months. These pups played constantly for
the entire time I was there. They moved too quickly for me to get a good
photo, but trust me, they are cuties!

Monday, April 08, 2013

thank you, Susan

(and Happy Birthday, too!) My friend in Mexico and/or Davis, California
recommended this novel by a new Australian writer M.L. Stedman. It's
beautifully written about a time after World War I and it's about a lighthouse
keeper, his wife and daughter and all the plots and subplots therein. The
whole novel really revolves around how war ruins lives, even way after the
"lucky" heroes return home. I'm reading Light Between Oceans on my
post-Lindakindle® and it's perfect for that because of the way it's written.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

nurse mary takes over

Husbando returned home yesterday afternoon and is getting stronger every
hour. The medical care at CPMC was excellent, the care here is loving,
but not quite as good. He is walking, showering, eating and napping until
he regains his strength. I'm not used to doing all this housework because
we all know that is His job. I'm even cooking every meal ~ is that fair?
We are both looking forward to the baseball game today and I will need
a semi-vigorous walk at some point too. Between cooking and doing
dishes, that is. Now I ask you...

Saturday, April 06, 2013

escape for lunch

I so appreciated Harry's Bar on Fillmore Street yesterday. A chance to get
out of the hospital and watch the game on assorted big, bright TVs. I love
Opening Day ~ so many great memories. I had a delicious Cobb Salad
and cake and ice cream and left the receipt on Husbando's desk with
the notation "your treat".

Husbando is healing slowly and there is too much pain. But I think he will
be coming home today, we'll see. I'll head back to the hospital about 10am
and be the cheerful little nurses' assistant that I'm not. Thanks for your
love and concern and to the Giants for winning yesterday!

Friday, April 05, 2013

it takes a suitcase

Two iPhones, Kindle, iPad and today maybe a portable radio. Sheeeeesh.
Husbando had a minor knee procedure yesterday (we all know that nothing
medical is every minor to the male species) and I spent the day at Hospital
and today will be the same. He is fine, eager to come home, and that just
might be today...we'll see. But it's Opening Day and I'm not sure that his
TV will work for Giants' baseball, so I might have to stop and buy a small
Sony to add to my electronic collection. Thanks for all the good wishes, I'll
update you again today via text and email. 

Thursday, April 04, 2013

within four blocks

small space, many flowers

many flowers, much sorrow

Dichotomy. Two separate cities. Mine, where neighbors crowd flowers into
very tight spaces and theirs, the gang world. The young man who was killed
last Saturday night wasn't in a gang, the shooter must have been confused.
The victim was a college student, home on his Spring break. He was killed
in front of his home here at 24th and Bryant where people leave candles
and flowers and his male relatives and friends gather. The police are here
too, hoping to shake up some memories about the 3am killing. Heart breaking.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

the trusty iPhone camera

Here we have a line of trannies on Valencia Street. I have no idea what
the event could have been, but I snapped this photo last Saturday just
because one probably doesn't see this joyful kind of gathering in Omaha or
Ithaca. I love my city, but I think you already know that.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

one pleasant Monday

Cats and dogs for three hours

Opening Day!

Fresh air, walking and flowers galore
Oh, add a big bowl of popcorn while watching the baseball game. Also I
was able to read my New Yorker during the many commercials. I regret to
inform you that our Giants lost to the scumsucking Dodgers, but that was
just to get the hopes up for those fans who wear too much blue. Today I
work, but it's out at the quiet Legion of Honor so that will be quite wonderful.

Monday, April 01, 2013

a walk on Easter

I took Husbando down to Mission Creek yesterday and we (he) discovered a
back-of-creek walk too. It's very rural and diametrically opposed to the sleek
next-to-condo walk that I enjoyed with Ginger. You can look right into the
back of the houseboats and that's fun ~ those residents don't have it easy
when they go grocery shopping, not exactly easy access. Soon this will all
be gentrified, we're sure, so you might want to walk it now, pre-cleanup.