Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween

So much going on today~ I have an early meeting at the deYoung and then I
head to the parade downtown. Husbando will already be there, so we might
communicate via cell phone, or not. Rain is predicted for tonight, not good
for the little ones. I hope to have some unusual parade photos for you in
tomorrow's post. They expect a good turnout (subtle humor) and I'm glad
I'm tall ~ it helps for parades.

Reminder ~ you can go online and donate to the Red Cross. This Sandy
storm in the East is beyond belief. Horrible. What hath global warming done?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

life outside baseball

I still spend my Monday mornings at the SPCA ~ these photos were from
a week ago and I'm pleased to report that most of the black kitties have
been adopted with the Halloween and Giants special promos. No fee
for black or orange colored animals and I bet they were generous with
what that constitutes. The pups are Sid and Nancy and he was adopted.
They are HUGE for 4 month old dogs, but adorable, of course. Their
tails wagged in complete circles. Nancy awaits her new forever home,
I hope it's a large one. Yesterday she had a new pup roomie and they are
getting along just fine, snuggling and rough housing. This stint starts my
week off on the exact right note, as you can probably tell.

Monday, October 29, 2012

World Series Game #4

Dream come true and lots of other glorious cliches. We need new tee shirts
for the parade on Wednesday. I'm up early again for KNBR and the above
Chronny this morning. It's still not easy to believe this, by the way. Special
thanks to my Giant friends who make this even better, if possible. I mean
what would I do without the Blogmaid loving or hating baseball with almost
every single damn game?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

World Series Game #3

Here we have the fans gathering in front of their park in Detroit. I know they
are filled with hope and honestly, I have trouble when the TV cameras study
their public sorrow as the game wound down last night. Our amazing Giants
won 2 to 0 with Vogelsong, Timmy and Romo pitching gems again. I do
believe we will win it ALL and the toothless Tigers will retreat to analyze why
they lost. I have come to believe that there is a lot of behind-the-scene stuff
that the Giants do right ~ scouting teams and looking for individual strengths
and weaknesses of each player, employing someone just to practice pitch
with the left hand, etc. (One of the Detroit players complained that they never
had batting practice with a left-hander.) And of course Skipper Bochy is
calm and very, very smart. So tonight? It's possible that we could sweep
and bring that trophy home one more time ~ just try to imagine that!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

playing catch-up

There was no baseball (!) yesterday, so I have time and space to review the
fabulous movie Argo and encourage you to see it. We went downtown last
Sunday morning and after the movie we had lunch at Super Duper, right
next to Target. City Target is already a destination for many of us and I'm
sure their sales are above plan because they are so well-stocked and busy.
Anyway, the garlic fries at Super Duper are better than the ballpark and
cheaper too, and the burger is just fine.

As you may know, Argo tells the story of the release of the Iran hostages
back in the early eighties. Edge-of-your-seat kind of film. Excellent.

The Great Plotnik's birthday was yesterday and since it doesn't end in zero
or five, he didn't have to agonize. Plus he is in Spain and it's always easier
to have birthdays in another country. Happy Birthday, Great Plottie...

Tonight the Giants are in Detroit and it will be cold, like so many of our
summer games here in SF. We could use another WIN.

Friday, October 26, 2012

World Series Game #2

Do you know Mad Bum? He's all of 23 now and pitched us to a 2-0 Win last
night. Exhausting, all this wonderful baseball. Perhaps we'll wrap up the
series in Detroit, or maybe they'll be back in our Jewel home field if we
lose the 3 games back there. I am doing other things during the day, but
first things first ~ that was one hell of a game. Especially loved Prince
Field being tossed out at home plate and the bunt foul ball that didn't
roll foul. Ah, this is such fun. For whomsoever doesn't know every name
of every player on our roster, meet Madison Bumgarner, one of our great arms.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

World Series Game #1

The national media predicted that the BEST PITCHER IN THE WORLD
(Verlander of the Detroit Tigers) would squish our Giants and yet, and
yet...we won! Zito and Timmy pitched beautifully and our Panda (above)
hit three (did you say 3?) home runs. It was a wonderful first game with
so many feel-good stories. Once again I'm up early reading the sports
news and listening to KNBR and smiling. Oh man, this is such fun.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

musical history lesson

Last night we went to the new digs of the SF Playhouse to see Bloody,
Bloody Andrew Jackson, a one act rock musical and about the best
way I know of to learn history. Andrew Jackson founded the Democratic
Party and was called a jackass, hence we have the donkey as our symbol.
Was he a fine, upstanding patriot? Well, no, he loved to kill Indians,
Brits and Spaniards and he loved dueling and cockfighting. We had
a splendid time and we like our seats and the lush new lobby, too.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the Giants win the pennant!

I'm up early to savor last night's win ~ listening to KNBR and reading the Sporting
Green. The final inning was incredible in the pouring rain and we were all afraid
that the umpires would call a dry-the-flooded-field break in the 9th inning with one
out to go. Oh, man, what a night. One would think our 9 to 0 win would be a
laugher, but who could leave this game?

The World Series starts tomorrow night, here. Amazing. So many heroes these
past two weeks. Will Zito pitch the first game? Husbando watched some of the
debate and reported that our President knocked it out of the park too.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Game #7 ~ tonight

Sorry, Mr. President and Man with Romnesia, I can't watch the debate tonight
because our Giants are going to battle with St. Louis for the honor of giving
me a heart attack at some point in the World Series. Well, I won't pass out
if St. Louis plays Detroit, but if our Giants win again tonight the exquisite
torture begins again. Vogey pitched a wonderful game last night and Matt
Cain is on the hill tonight. It's all so very exciting. Even if they lose tonight
(what?) it's been a great post-season and way more than this fan expected.

It was raining cats and dogs on my way to the SPCA, but by the time I
was ready to leave about noon today, the sun was out and I got to lug my
wet rain coat and brollie all the way home. But let's hope the skies are
clear tonight for Los Gigantes, so it was an easy sacrifice.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

oh, beautiful man

This is a small exhibit at the deYoung, up on the second floor. Although it's
supposed to be featuring assorted ballet costumes, the best part of the show
are all the videos where you can sit for hours and watch this incredibly
talented man dance. There is one special room with memories of when Nureyev
visited San Francisco and was arrested (briefly) for smoking pot. This was
back in the 70's and it's fun to read all the old newspapers. Worth seeing,
especially if you're a ballet nut, which I am not.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Barry Zito pitched the game of his life in St. Louis last night. And he saved
the post-season for us because if we had lost, that was IT. So the Giants
are home for Game #6 Sunday night. This would make such a great book ~
how Zito pitched poorly for years and was maligned by the fans and not
allowed to pitch in the 2010 World Series. Zito who kept working, surprising
everyone this year by winning more games than he lost and by working
every day, changing and improving his pitching, etc. Really, it's one of the
reasons we love baseball, because it inspires us. And I believe "they" said
that in this 5 to 0 win, Zito never pitched over 86 mph. Now we only need
to win two more games and we head to World Series 2012.

Friday, October 19, 2012

what is so rare?

As shirt sleeve weather here at the beach? Yesterday morning the Blogmaid
and I walked down in Pathetica and then enjoyed a latte and crumble cake
at the renowned Chit Chat Cafe. The waves were pretty high and we
watched three brave surfers as we talked about everything under the sun,
which is so welcome every October here in San Francisco.

The Giants lost Game #4 in St. Louis last night. They must win tonight or
we all become instant Detroit Tiger fans. Well, at least I do.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

welcome to the city!

Yesterday I visited the new City Target store down at the Metreon Center
on Mission and 2nd (I think). In any case, it's just as wonderful as I expected
and we don't have to drive to Colma anymore. I bought three basic tops
because I want to help the economy of Guatemala, poked around the store
and had a latte at the new Target Starbucks. When we walked around Chicago
we popped into their new City Target and now we welcome a second store
here in SF out at Geary and Masonic. Love this new Target strategy. City
folk need quality products at low prices too!

I spent a lot of time watching the Giants in game #3 yesterday. We lost
and there was a 3 hour rain delay. Tedious. Love/hate baseball, as usual...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

new cooking skills

We bought our first ever microwave and I am slowly learning how to use it.
Yesterday I bought what the foodies call THE BEST microwave popcorn ~
Whole Food's 365 Organic Popcorn. I came home after a long and more than
wonderful solo walk (the first since before our trip to Chicago) and popped
it into our new oven. Perfection! I would have taken a photo of the bowl of
fluffy popcorn, but we ate it too quickly. See, I'm adjusting to modern life...

President Obama was back on track for debate #2 last night. My, that Romney
is smarmy and I really can't bear the idea that he might become President.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

many dogs, two cats, one baby

Rhianna the kitten will look... Ness in a few months, won't she?

remember Ruby? Here she is with Lucy

9 month old Ruby with a Giants fan

I had a warm welcome back at the SPCA yesterday as I fed about 60 dogs
and took a cat-petting break. Then I hurried over to Oakland for a little
all-women work gathering and that was pleasant indeed. But a little too
much rush, so today I need to walk and think and maybe even nap.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Thanksgiving plans 2012

Husbando and I are going to Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving. Our hostess
(Ginger, the one with 3 dogs) sent us this as an enticing holiday invitation.
It will be a BIG change for us not to cook, clean and entertain this year,
and one we are both looking forward to, frankly. The women I went to
Italy with five (!) years ago will all be there ~ fun!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

back to Pittsburgh, PA

This might be my favorite piece in the Paley collection. John Kane was a self-
taught artist who worked laying the streets and working in the mines of
Pittsburgh. He loved to paint and this is entitled Industry's Increase ~ he
painted it when he was 67 years old in 1933. He did reach some fame and
fortune before he died and the fact that Paley bought this along with the
works of Picasso, Matisse, Miro, etc. says so much. It's right at the end of
the exhibit and it is very special.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Magic, last Tuesday night

This is the play that Ginger and I were going to ~ The Other Place by Sharr
White. The night we had cookies (3 each) and coffee for dinner. The night
we sat in the car clapping and screeching, not believing that we had actually
won that #3 game. It was the Magic Theatre, living up to its name.

The play is a perfect woman's play and when I told Husbando about it he
was pleased that he had some solo time in his own home. The story about
a husband, wife and their daughter. Suspenseful and difficult, but well
worth seeing. This is not an easy play to discuss because I don't want to
give the plot away ~ it unfolds it such a beautiful and mysterious way.

Friday, October 12, 2012

our orange October

April 29, 2012 ~ Scottsdale, AZ Starbucks
Who knew that we'd end up here winning that exciting 5th game and
squishing the Cincinnati Reds yesterday? What a game. We eventually
won 6 to 4 and Buster's Grand Salami was one of the keys. That and
some great pitching and again, smart moves by Skipper Bochy. I just
heard on the radio that he had ordered his favorite expensive champagne
earlier in the week, like he somehow knew they'd be the first National
League team to lose two at home and then win three ~ all in the home
of the enemy. Oh, was that special? Very.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

game #5 today

Heart attack Thursday. What a treat for me not to be working during these
very important playoff games. Congrats to Timmy and to Skipper Bochy
(and quite a few other Giants players) for yesterday's excellent game.
It's a 10am (!) game today and even if we lose, it's already been a
fabulous baseball experience.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

no dinner last night

With the Giants down 2 games (out of 5 ~ for people who might not follow
baseball), we really didn't expect a win in Cincinatti last night. So Ginger and I
had planned a nice dinner and then the theater down at the Magic with a
7pm curtain. We drove down Van Ness and started listening to the 1-1 tie game
and ended up in the Fort Mason parking lot clapping and cheering as our
boys won in the 10th inning. It wasn't a pretty game by any means, but what
matters is the Win and now to read all about it in the chronny is so wonderful.
It's a 1pm game today and the Reds have problems with pitchers (like who
doesn't in October?) so let's hope for the best and wear our orange and black.

We had coffee and cookies then loved the play, which I'll review tomorrow.
Driving home on Van Ness we saw our City Hall all glowing with orange and
positive memories of the 2010 came flooding back. How can anyone NOT
love this baseball business?

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

saved by the book

I so love my Lindakindle®, especially for travel. We were stuck in the
Atlanta airport for hours yesterday due to airline issues that are too boring
to list here and besides, we tend to forget these things once we are home
safe and sound. So I had my computer, Lindakindle® and iPhone to keep
me occupied and then one can always watch strange travelers endlessly,
and vice versa. I'm a fan of mysteries and Ms. French is one of the best,
especially if you want to learn more about Ireland. So nice to be home!

Monday, October 08, 2012

a cold and solemn day

entering the memorial spot

people can sit and reflect

there are several of these where one can leave mementos

a large white marble slab...

...for every person who died

We drove to Shankesville or Stowytown or some small town yesterday
in Pennsylvania. Flight 93 was destined for SF so I feel a strange connection
to those passengers and the crew who fought the terrorists and crashed the
plane on 9/11. I well up just thinking about yesterday, it was exactly what
I needed for my own personal closure and of course it was so well done.
The next time someone bashes big government, point to the National Park
Service. This is starkly sad and beautiful. There is a huge bolder in a
field where the plane crashed and we can only look at it, not ruin the
spot by walking over the now official burial site.

Driving from Pittsburgh was incredible with the hills and trees. What
truly glorious country ~ step son pointed out the many discreet fracking
installations, one would never know. People are torn about this ~ so
many new millionaires and jobs, and yet, what is it doing to the environment?
No one really knows yet.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

a beautiful wedding day

Destiny Hills Farm, Washington, PA

Guests gather

Assorted grandchildren

Margot and our grandson Sam

Photos don't do this setting justice

Inside "the barn"
Everything was perfect for the 3pm wedding yesterday. There had been
rain the night before, but we all lucked out, especially Margot and Sam.
About 200 guests enjoyed the hills, lavender growing everywhere, clear
sunshine and happy friends and family of the couple. Husbando said to
get a lot of pictures, but it all looks so flat compared to the real thing.
Trust me, it was one of the most beautiful settings imaginable for a
wedding and the tree leaves turning every color possible in the dense
forests and hilly little towns.

In the morning we did some smart outlet mall shopping with our friend
Carlini and then had a bad breakfast at the Waffle House. But it was
great seeing him again and he is happy and healthy.

I had my iPhone for texting and baseball (pretending to be taking
photos) and it was no way to go to sleep late after our Giants loss.
Home tomorrow and doesn't that sound good?

Saturday, October 06, 2012

a long road trip

Scott (our SIL) drove us from Elgin, IL to Washington, PA yesterday in a
luxurious Buick. I almost read an entire e-book, saving my life and the
other 3 passengers who did not want to hear me mutter about all the grey
and beige of the midwest. Had 1/2 hour to change for the rehearsal
dinner and I must say that Husbando and I were excellent grandparents
and beamed with pride, avoiding all WTF? comments even though one
or two might have been warranted. It's raining a bit, but we hope for sun
for the (naturally) outdoor wedding at the Lavender Farm this afternoon.

Came home to watch baseball and sleep. Everything is running smoothly.

This morning our friend Carlini (remember Whidbey Island?) is going to
join us for breakfast and some catch-up. He lives in Philly...

Friday, October 05, 2012

a lazy day in the country

Nancy and a cat named Beau (or Boo)

note the orange dots!

view from the screened in back porch  

Elgin is a small down with a lot of surrounding land. Stuffed into the city
we forget that there are still acres of green in this country. Yesterday we
stayed home with Beau who wanted to go in and out about 400 times
during the day. In between we walked in the beautiful nabe and admired
all the trees, no overhead wires, no traffic, big lawns and everyone has
their own well. It was a horrid summer of draught, so many of the
green lawns were brown. But still the peace and quiet is spectacular.
But no public transportation! To me that's a sin. I am reading a great
book which I'll report on later and we both enjoyed our peaceful day.
It goes without saying that I appreciate SF even more after yesterday
because really, one quiet day is enough.

In about 1.5 hours we pile into a big car and head for Pittsburgh for
more family and a wedding tomorrow. With the time change we should
be home in time to watch most of the Giants first game.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

we love Chicago!

just for our Blogmaid

We trained from Elgin to/fro Union Station in the heart of downtown
Chicago yesterday and here are waaaaaaaay too many photos, but one
or two might catch your eye. The Art Institute, Millennium Park, river,
lunch at Bar Toma on Pearson, assorted buildings, and new (to us)
flowers and parklets smack dab on the wide sidewalks of Michigan Ave.
What a spectacular day ~ god we so love the big cities. There was just
a touch of rain and no sun, so of course I got lots of texts and emails
about how warm and gorgeous it was back home. Tee hee.

Tiny special exhibit of paper weights in the Art Institute and our old
friend Baldessari from the Legion of Honor. Loved the Sunday in the
Park, of course, even though we've seen it before. A very special day
with Husbando in this delightful city.

We watched the debate last night. Sigh. Back to reality.